July 2: When you can expect A/B student group placement info

As we shared in the June 24 2020-21 school year planning update, we are working collaboratively with local and state public health and education officials to determine how PSD will start the school year due to COVID-19. Currently, we anticipate we may be in Phase 4 (in-person education with health protocols) or Phase 3 (hybrid at-home and in-person learning), depending on public health conditions closer to the start of school. PSD has NOT made a final decision about in which phase of education we will start the year because it is too soon to say. Families can expect that information later this summer, likely in early August. PSD is prepared to provide high-quality education in all four phases, and it’s critical that we do so because we can’t control if or how public health conditions, guidelines or orders may change during the year. 

عربي - A/B Group Student Placement Update

Español - A/B Group Student Placement Update

As we prepare for all phases of education, we are working on how students will be separated into Groups A or B if we are in Phase 3 at any point in the school year. As a reminder, if we are in Phase 3, students will engage in learning five days a week; they attend school two days of the week and have at-home learning the rest of the week.  

"A group" attends school Mondays and Wednesdays with at-home learning Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. "B group" attends school Tuesdays and Thursdays with at-home learning Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We know families may have multiple students in different grades and are doing our best to account for that, placing an emphasis on having siblings in the same group, as best as possible. 

Existing PSD elementary parents will be able to access A/B group placement information for their student(s) on the “Student Info” page in ParentVUE (PVUE) no later than noon Thursday, July 9 (PVUE will not be available July 10-14 due to scheduled, annual maintenance for the new year). Secondary A/B grouping information will be available in PVUE in late July in the same place. Only the A/B placement, not the teacher name(s), will be communicated at this time. New PSD parents will be able to activate their PVUE account on or after July 15 and access the A/B placement information on the “Student Info” page once logged in. 

If you are struggling to log into your PVUE account, we recommend you check your junk mail or spam folder; sometimes, the reset messages are funneled there. If you're still having trouble, you can email covidtechhelp@psdschools.org, and someone from our IT team will be able to follow-up with you next week. Many folks are taking time off tomorrow with the holiday. Thank you for your understanding. 

If you have concerns after you receive your student(s) group placements, requests for a change should be sent to your principal but are not guaranteed because of the complex nature of scheduling.  

We recently launched the PSD 2020-21 School Year web pages and will continue to update those pages with the most current information over the summer.