PSD laptop distribution to students and tech support update

PSD laptop distribution to students is underway!  Please review this information to learn how your student will receive their device. Technical support information is also available. 

A staff member hands a laptop to a family in a car.


PSD Virtual: Aug. 21  

Elementary home schools will communicate directly with PSD Virtual elementary students about when on Friday, Aug. 21 PSDV students will pick up laptops from their home school. For example: A PSD Virtual first grader would go to their home school of Rice Elementary to pick up their laptop/device. Rice would notify a student’s parent/guardian when they need to be there for pick-up. 

The distribution of materials will happen outdoors. All PSD staff, parents/guardians and students will be required to wear face coverings and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others. Please do not congregate in groups in school parking lots or outside on these days. Schools will communicate additional health protocols that must be followed. 

PSD home middle and high schools are distributing laptops to secondary PSD Virtual students during their communicated distribution days. If you need additional information about device distribution, please contact your school.  


Early Childhood and Early Childhood PSD Virtual: Aug. 26-27

For students enrolled in PSD preschool and Early Childhood PSD Virtual, families in need of technology will come to Fullana Learning Center, 220 N. Grant Ave. in Fort Collins, to pick up their device from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Aug. 26-27. Come to the east side of the building from Loomis Avenue. 


Elementary: Aug. 24-25 

Aug. 24 and 25 are designated as technology and materials distribution and meet-the-teacher days for elementary students. Schools will schedule times (about 10-15 minutes total) for students and their parents/guardians to meet with their teacher. Each elementary school will send specific plans to their parents no later than Wednesday, Aug. 19.  

Teachers will give students their devices on those days. Parents/guardians and students will have a brief opportunity to meet their teacher in-person, practice logging into their computer, and be shown their teacher’s learning page, through which students will access their online learning. Every teacher has a learning page this school year through which they will communicate with parents and students; have links to the learning applications they will use this year (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, etc.); and more. 

On these days, all PSD staff, parents/guardians and students will be required to wear face coverings at all times and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others. Please do not congregate in groups in school parking lots or outside on these days. As much as we’d love to give them, there will be no hugs or high-fives. Schools will communicate additional health protocols that must be followed. 

K-5 students will begin remote learning on Aug. 26. 


Middle and high school: Ongoing  

Distribution is already underway at some secondary schools and will continue this week and next. Middle and high schools will continue to communicate directly with families about laptop distribution. Secondary students will begin their remote learning Aug. 24. 


Internet access  

PSD staff are using multiple methods to determine the need for internet services to support online learning, including the recently completed ParentVUE survey results and contacting families directly. MiFi (portable internet hotspot devices) are being handed out at scheduled technology distribution days, determined make-up days as well as through schools making arrangements with families that do not have transportation. At this time, one MiFi device is being provided and checked out to a student in a household determined to need a MiFi device.  

Tech Support  

Information Technology staff will support students and families who need help during remote education at or through the new family and student support line at 970-490-3339.  

IT will launch a new technical support website that will offer device troubleshooting and application technical support information, how-to guides, a calendar with important upcoming dates related to PSD technology and more. Information is available in multiple languages.