Film Fair features elementary and middle school student films

The Poudre School District Film Fair may have looked different this year, but it was still a success. PSD is proud of the 80 students who worked hard to dream up and submit their films as part of the creative competition.

The Film Fair will feature films created by elementary and middle school students and will be held virtually, beginning at 5 p.m., Tuesday, May 4. Please note there was no high school category. 

The top 10 elementary school films are:

Rowan Blackett, Eyestone Elementary, “There’s No Me in Team” 

• Brennan Fetzer, Werner Elementary, “Electric Cars”

• Ella Wang, Werner Elementary, “Save the Bees!”

• Forest Gribble, Tavelli Elementary, “How to Set Up a Fish Tank”

• Michael Rembelski and Parker Johnson, Bethke Elementary, “The Two Lone Soldiers” 

• Luke Fetzer, Werner Elementary, “Switch Electric Cars”

• Hailey Benegas, Werner Elementary, Save the Amazon “Rainforest!”

• Avery Willoughby and Mia Lindsay, Tavelli Elementary, “COVID Interviews”

• Fen Yujuico and Evan Hutchinson, Dunn Elementary, “Malayan Tigers Video”

• Ella Benedict, Werner Elementary School, “Animals are Losing Their Homes, and They’re Starting to Roam”


The top 10 middle school films are:alt=""

• Canyon VanBuskirk, Poudre School District Virtual, “Disconnect”

• Cora Malinski, Wellington Middle School, “Looking to my Heroes”

• Kate Rizza, Lesher Middle School, “Kate Rizza “Where I’m From””

• William Raguet-Schofield, Poudre School District Virtual, “Western States 2019”

• Dexter Kinney and Alan Kinney, Poudre School District Virtual, “Airborne”

• Zoe Anderson, Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School, “Breakfast Casserole”

• Wilson Kunze, Poudre School District Virtual, “Paul the Ball the Movie Trailer”

• Masen Odell, Poudre School District Virtual, “Planet”

• Nate Jensen, Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School, “Procrastination The (Almost) Silent Film”

• Tatum Berg, Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School, “Cross Country”