What Schools Are Doing

A group of students stretching to the left.


Research shows that total body wellness is a major contributor to academic success. To show support for students in all areas of their lives, PSD adopted a learning goal in 2012 to incorporate the "Integration of Health and Wellness" into the everyday activities of the school environment.

This goal has three major components:


School Wellness Teams

School Wellness teams (at every PSD school) develop School Health Improvement plans with goals centered around the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model. Teams assess wellness strengths and weaknesses at schools while developing plans.

Why School Wellness?

• Provides an opportunity for school districts to create an environment conducive to healthy lifestyle choices.
• Recognizes the critical role of schools in curbing the epidemic of childhood overweight and obesity.
• Acknowledges local community responsibility to support or build on government efforts to uphold high nutrition and physical activity standards for our students.
• Supports research that says students who have access to regular, vigorous exercise and healthful foods perform better academically.

Want to get involved? For information, contact Amanda Brantley, wellness coordinator, at abrantle@psdschools.org. 


School Wellness Awards and Recognition

The Healthy School Champions Recognition Program supports and celebrates healthy schools that implement best practices and initiatives that support the integration of wellness into the climate and culture of the school.  


Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model

The WSCC model builds on elements of the traditional coordinated school health approach and the whole child framework by responding to a call for greater alignment, collaboration, and integration of health and learning.  The WSCC provides framework for school wellness teams to integrate programs that align health and education. Learn morel by visiting the ASCD website here!