Rider Eligibility and Bus Routes

Determining Eligibility to Ride the Bus

To determine if your student is eligible to ride the bus to your neighborhood school, please visit the "Bus Planner Website".

If you are eligible for busing, you DO NOT need to fill out an application. Your student will be automatically scheduled for a bus.

Students attending neighborhood schools who have special situations including daycare, split families, and transportation to/from multiple residences will need to apply hereIf you have questions or concerns about your stop locations, please contact Transportation Services at 490-3232.

Transportation eligibility is based upon the distance between home and the neighborhood school. Students who live outside of their walk areas are eligible to ride the bus and will automatically be assigned to a bus stop. Students who live inside of these limits (see chart below) are usually not eligible. However, some students may be eligible as part of their educational program or by special application (see the Applications web page for the Alternative Transportation application).


 Grade Level

Distance to Neighborhood School

 Elementary School                           1 mile
 Middle School                           1 1/2 miles
 High School                           2 miles


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