Transportation FAQ


school bus

​Questions about riding the bus?

  •  Is my student eligible to ride the bus?  Visit the Bus Planner Website to determine eligibility.

  •  What bus does my student ride? Visit the Bus Planner Website.

  •  Where is my student's bus? The "Here Comes the Bus" app will keep you informed or call Transportation Services at 490-3232.    

  • What time will my high school bus arrive on late start days? On late start days, buses for high school students will run at the regular scheduled time.

  • What happens on snow days and two-hour delays? Watch this Transportation video to learn how it works.

  •  My student left something on the bus, is there a Lost and Found? Call Transportation Services at 490-3232.

  •  How can I speak to a Transportation supervisor about my question or concern? Call Transportation Services at 490-3232.

  • How do I report an incident on a bus? Call Transportation Services at 490-3232.

Questions about applying for busing?

Questions about bus rules and transportation policies? Visit the Bus Rules and Policies web page.

Contact Information

Transportation | 970.490.3232