PSD COVID-19 Data and School Information

Poudre School District COVID-19 Cases

The COVID-19 Case Dashboard is designed to give our community a transparent look at the prevalence of COVID-19 in PSD. The default dashboard page displays information from Oct. 5, the first day primary students were in session, through the present. There are also pages that display information for the previous 28 days and for each month. Dashboard data are refreshed daily at 6 p.m. and overnight.

PSD COVID-19 Data Dashboard Walkthrough

Dashboard Update

This dashboard report now has three pages.

  • Page one displays cases in the past 28 days. This page has been moved to the front to present a clear look at current COVID-19 cases.
  • Page two displays cases from October 5 forward, providing an overview of COVID-19 cases in PSD since the return of primary students in the fall.
  • Page three displays all cases since October 5 with a flexible date slider. This page can be used to review case data for user selected date windows.

New: Added 7-Day Cases/100k to main dashboard to display information aligned with new state and CDC guidance.

COVID-19 Case Dashboard Features:

  • Total Number of Cases: Case counts reported in PSD for students and staff.
  • 14-Day Cases per 100,000: Calculated using the confirmed case count and the population of students and staff at individual locations and across the district. Click a grade level or school level to see cases per 100,000 for a group.
  • 14-Day Case Percentage: Calculated using the confirmed case count divided by the population of students and staff at individual locations and across the district. Click a grade level or school level to see the case percentage for a group.
  • 14-Day Cumulative Case Count: For a selected day, the sum of cases from the previous 14 days. This area chart visualizes the rate of growth of cases over time.
  • Case Count by Location: This shows the number of cases by school site and department.
  • Case Count by Date: This bar chart includes a trend line for visualizing the rate of change of cases over time.

Confirmed and Probable Cases (LCDHE Definitions)

  • Confirmed case – Someone who has tested positive for COVID-19; can be Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or rapid test. (NOT an antibody test)

  • Probable case – Someone who has had known close contact with a confirmed case and has at least one critical/major (loss of taste smell, new or worsening cough, fever, shortness of breath) or two minor symptoms (runny nose, headache, nausea, muscle or body aches, etc.) and does not have a negative PCR test for COVID-19.

Daily Snapshot

This report displays a daily overview of new cases in the past 7 days, students and staff in remote for the last 14 days, and the number of students and staff in remote by location and grade level.

Students and Staff in Remote

In the course of investigating a COVID-19 case in PSD, it is sometimes determined that individuals must shift to remote learning or remote work. This dashboard displays the number of students and staff shifted remote by date, by grade level, and by site. The shift to remote may be due to case assessment, being under quarantine, or having a positive or confirmed case. This information helps us to monitor the impact of COVID-19 cases on students and staff. The report includes a date slider that allows you to zoom in on a particular time window.



14-Day COVID-19 Location Screening

For the district and by location, this dashboard displays the case count, case percentages, the 14-day cumulative case count for the previous 14 days. Clicking a location filters the data on the dashboard to the selected location.

Using this tool, PSD can review the number of cases and 14-day case trends to see if cases are rising, declining, or staying flat by location. When a school has a case percentage that goes over 1%, district leaders will monitor the location closely and consult with school administrators to determine the level of disruption to learning and whether partial school or whole school temporary closure is necessary.

The dashboard also contains filters by grade level, student or staff, and school level, allowing us to monitor these aspects of the data. Pages 2 and 3 of this dashboard display the information for 21 days and 28 days respectively.

COVID-19 Cases in Communities Served by PSD

This dashboard displays case data provided by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment by age band for Fort Collins, Wellington, Timnath, Bellvue, and the mountain communities. On this dashboard, we monitor community case trends by pre-K, primary, intermediate, middle, and high school age bands. Additionally, age bands for the majority of staff (23-65) are displayed. This dashboard has a date slider that allows the user to select any specific time window for reviewing cases and trends in the community by age band.

Designated Outbreaks

When a school has two or more unrelated cases in a short time period, LCDHE considers it to be an outbreak. Outbreak status means that health officials with LCDHE will monitor even more carefully any cases at that school. The following schools are currently designated as outbreak locations (date of outbreak designation):

  • Fort Collins High School (January 15, 2021)
  • Fossil Ridge High School (November 2, 2020)
  • Kinard Middle School (February 1, 2021)
  • Poudre High School (March 1, 2021)
  • Rocky Mountain High School (November 5, 2020)

Resolved Outbreaks

  • Bauder Elementary School (February 12, 2021, Resolved March 15, 2021)
  • Blevins Middle School (November 18, 2020, Resolved March 30, 2021)
  • Boltz Middle School (October 28, 2020, Resolved January 19, 2021)
  • Cache La Poudre Middle School (November 23, 2020, Resolved January 2, 2021)
  • Fort Collins High School (November 5, 2020, Resolved December 27, 2020)
  • Johnson Elementary School (March 4, 2021, Resolved March 28, 2021)
  • Lesher Middle School (December 15, 2020, Resolved December 31, 2020)
  • Poudre High School (November 9, 2020, Resolved December 27, 2020)
  • Preston Middle School (December 17, 2020, Resolved January 3, 2021)
  • Rice Elementary School (November 19, 2020, Resolved December 7, 2020)
  • Shepardson Elementary School (December 18, 2020, Resolved January 16, 2021)
  • Shepardson Elementary School (March 9, 2021, Resolved April 6, 2021)
  • Werner Elementary School (February 5, 2021, Resolved March 5, 2021)

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