Keep Schools Open

Education is most enriching for our students when they are at school, guided in their learning through experiences designed by educators and staff. We want our students to really see science as it bubbles in a beaker on a lab table before them, just as we want them to feel that moment of synchronization as all members of their band play all the right notes at just the right times.

But most of all, we want to stay safe and keep schools open.

Do your part – avoid small gatherings. Wear a mask. Keep you and your family safe.


      • Keep Schools Open
        PSD medical professionals, compassionate staff and health protocols built upon public health guidance are all a critical to school in PSD this year, but only together can we build a shared culture of health and safety.
      • Keep Band Open
        PSD is following state and county public health guidance for the performing arts. For all singing, playing of wind/brass instruments, and projected theatrical speech, 12 feet of distance is required between all participants, indoors or outdoors. This applies to elementary and secondary classes. Masks are required indoors at all times, including for singing.
      • Keep Art Open
        In general, art classes follow the same safety protocols and guidelines as all other PSD classes, in terms of social distancing, personal protective equipment, and cleaning and disinfection of shared space. Specifically, teachers are working to limit the sharing of art tools and devices, and each student's belongings are separated from others' and in individually labeled containers, cubbies or areas.
      • Keep Play Open
        Students should wash their hands before and after recess. Mask breaks are acceptable, but students must wear masks when activities are static and within 6 feet.
      • Keep Science Open
        Students should wash or sanitize their hands as they enter and exit PSD lab areas. Educators are also asked to limit the use of shared science equipment or utilize individualized digital tools when possible, to lessen opportunities for students to share equipment.


      We can all do our part to keep schools open

      PSD follows current health guidance for K-12 schools from public health agencies, including:

      PSD staff, teachers and principals

      • Establish and reinforce a culture of health, safety, and shared responsibility. 
      • Complete the PSD Employee COVID-19 Daily Screener to check for signs and symptoms daily. 
      • Stay home when ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19. 
      • Wear a face mask at all times and a face shield or other additional personal protective equipment, as called for in PSD safety protocols.
      • Monitor student wearing of face masks. 
      • Plan for face mask breaks outside. 
      • Arrange the classroom to maximize social distancing. 
      • Create/choose lesson plans that restrict student contact and allow for social distancing. 
      • Monitor social distancing. 
      • Include time in transitions for hand washing. Have students use hand sanitizer when washing hands is not possible. 
      • Include time in transitions for disinfecting surfaces and materials between uses. 
      • Replace hugs, handshakes, and high-fives with smiles, waves and thumbs-ups. 



      • Complete symptom checks for your children every day. 
      • Keep your child home if they are sick or show COVID-19 symptoms. 
      • Provide your children with masks and teach them how to wear and care for them. 
      • Remind your children to maintain safe social distancing and to wash their hands frequently.
      • Honor school procedures for school arrival and departure and school guidelines for visitors. 
      • Let your school know about COVID-19 cases and potential exposures.  


      • Wear your face masks at all times at school unless otherwise directed. 
      • Wash your hands frequently and maintain safe social distancing. 
      • Avoid physical contact with other students. 
      • Avoid handling other students’ materials (books, pens, computers, etc.).



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