Phase 2: Mostly Remote Learning with Limited In-Person Check-Ins


Schools partially open with enhanced social distancing measures.

Information is current as of Dec. 15 and subject to change.

Phase 2: Mostly remote; in-person for small groups only

Elementary Schools

  • Students have remote learning, following remote learning expectations, and have scheduled check-ins at school in small groups with their teacher. Frequency and length of check-ins is based on health guidelines and orders. 
  • Service providers collaborate with teachers to support for students.
  • Nonessential visitors, volunteers and activities may be restricted at schools.


Middle and High Schools

  • Students attend school one day a week for an "in-school support day" and have remote learning at home the rest of the week. The support day is a normal-length school day. A priority is placed on siblings having the same schedule.
    • Mondays are A days and Tuesdays are B days. If Monday is a day off, Wednesday of that week becomes the A day.
  • During their support day, students have access to all of their classes with teachers focusing on intervention, academic and social-emotional support of students.Traditional classroom lessons are not given.
  • Time for each class is maximized, but more time may be spent in classes that aren't easily accomplished in the remote learning home setting. 
  • Special service providers will collaborate with teachers to assist students.
  • Dedicated special education or English Language Development instruction is provided for students with high needs.
  • Middle schools only: Study halls may be used to support students.
  • High schools only: Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate  (IB) and concurrent enrollment courses remain robust.
  • Safety provisions are implemented for passing periods and lunch. 

  • Fridays are teacher collaborative planning and professional development days to prepare lessons and materials for the next week.

    • Students work on independent and asynchronous work, and teachers can also arrange for additional in-person instruction.

    • Teachers are available for students or parents to schedule additional virtual academic support, answer parent or student questions, or schedule time with school counselors and other school staff. School staff will communicate how students and parents can sign up for individual needs during office hours.



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