Phase 4: Schools Open with Safety Protocols


Group sizes may be limited

Information is current as of June 24, 2020, and subject to change.

Phase 4: Return to mostly normal instruction with health protocols.

  • We hope to open in this phase but are prepared to open in any of the other phases, as able and permitted by public health and state officials.
  • Schools are open with a heightened awareness of health and safety as part of a "normal."
  • Students attend school each day but group sizes may be limited.  
  • Provide consistency and easy access to a student's remote learning resources in one place via online learning pages. For example, an elementary teacher's page may feature messages from the teacher, and links to Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, other learning applications. 
  • All school health and safety procedures are followed.
  • Mental health services and supports will be available.

Integrated Services planning for 2020-21
Integrated Services staff are actively planning for delivering education and services in a remote or in-person environment for students with disabilities. They are planning the specifics of what teaching and learning will look like in each of the four phases of education for the 2020-21 school year. Information will be shared in alignment with general education plans. Integrated Services leaders continue to monitor state and federal guidelines as well as fiscal and educational resources to support students with disabilities. 


Elementary Schools

  • Student and staff groups are as static as possible throughout the day. 
  • Interventionists and service providers offer instruction/support virtually on-site or may meet with students one class at a time. 
  • Social and emotional learning is integrated throughout the day.
  • Specials are provided in the homeroom classroom or outside.
  • Nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities may be restricted.
  • Pre-plated meals will be picked up by students and eaten in the classroom or outside, following social distancing requirements through the process.
  • Safety provisions are made in hallways and common areas for students and staff.

See the In-school Health and Safety web page for additional procedures at schools.


Middle and High Schools

  • Passing periods will be planned to minimize the number of students in the hallways, as possible.
  • Lunch periods may be staggered with distancing requirements in place.
  • Nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities may be restricted.

See the In-school Health and Safety web page web page for additional procedures at schools.

Contact Information

Questions about the 2020-21 school year? 

Please contact your school first. If you still have questions, email