Accident Reporting

When to complete a Student Accident Report

A Student Accident Report may need to be completed through the Risk Management Reporting Portal when a student is injured at school, on a school bus, or during a school-sponsored activity, including but not limited to athletic activities and field trips. The following list provides a guideline for when a Student Accident Report may need to be completed:

  1. The injury requires the student to leave school or the activity for medical treatment.
  2. An ambulance is called, whether or not the student is actually transported.
  3. The parent/guardian is notified that the student was injured at school.
  4. A parent/guardian notifies the school that they have sought medical treatment for their child.
  5. The injury may have been partially or wholly caused by a physical condition of the facility.
  6. The injury is caused by a condition that needed immediate attention such as a slick floor or patch of ice.
  7. The injury involved another student or students (e.g., horseplay, fighting, etc.).
  8. The injury involves the head, neck and/or spine.
  9. The parent/guardian expresses concern over the way the school handled the student’s injury.
  10. The injury occurs on a school bus during routine transportation activities (injuries associated with an accident involving a bus do not need to be reported on the Student Accident Report).

When to complete a Visitor Accident Report

When a visitor or volunteer is injured on school grounds, a school bus, or during a school-sponsored activity or field trip, complete the online Visitor Accident Report.

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