Field Trips - Day and Overnight

PSD students benefit from participating in appropriate field trips and other activities in connection with curricular and extracurricular school programs. Field trips must be requested in advance.

Field trip information and policies:

Day Field Trips

The Student Permission Form for Field Trip (One Day or Less) (Spanish) must be used by all sites for all day field trips to ensure parents are properly informed of field trips and grant permission for their child to participate. If you have a special situation and feel the form will not address your needs, please contact us..

“Blanket” Field Trip Waivers - “Blanket” waivers can be used for up to one month of activities. A calendar or list of planned trips should be attached to the Student Permission Form for Field Trip (One Day or Less) (Spanish) and parents should have the option to opt out of individual field trips.


Overnight Field Trips

All field trips and activities away that involve an overnight stay must be approved in advance by the assistant superintendent of elementary or secondary schools. When possible, requests should be submitted at least 90-days prior to the trip (6 months for international trips) to allow time for the request to be approved, for packets to be sent to the trip sponsor, and for forms to be distributed to parents.

For Overnight Domestic Field Trips planned early in the school year (August and September), please submit the request prior to the end of the previous school year.

Overnight field trips forms include (forms are specific to each field trip):

* Activities that contain elements of real or perceived risk, usually involving close interaction with the natural environment. Examples include, but are not limited to: hiking, ropes courses, camping, snow sports and water activities.