Lab School for Creative Learning

1905 Orchard Place
80521 Fort Collins
United States
Joe Gawronski
K - 5
Purple & teal
Teacher Education Level: 
6 of 6 teachers hold master's degrees or above
Average Teaching Experience: 

Lab School for Creative Learning began in fall 1992 and is one of PSD’s non-traditional elementary school programs.

Learning culture
Lab School for Creative Learning is a multi-aged, non-graded public school. We offer a non-traditional setting that is child-centered, developmental, and experiential. Our integrated curriculum focuses on literacy and hands-on science and math. We incorporate developmentally appropriate learning activities based on each child’s innate desire to learn. A strong respect has been built for each student’s unique learning path.

Academic environment
At Lab School for Creative Learning, multi-aged classrooms and cross-aged mentoring help students understand that learning is an ongoing, changing process. Student self-directedness and self-evaluation are encouraged, as are a strong sense of community and respect for others, the environment, and self. Community meetings each week provide time where students and teachers celebrate birthdays, student successes, welcome guest speakers (50 to 60 presenters each year), and discuss issues or concerns.

We maintain class sizes with the student-to-teacher ratio of approximately 16 to 1.

Instructional & enrichment programs
Gifted students’ needs are met through flexible groupings and enrichment clusters. Before- and after-school enrichment opportunities are provided.

Students help with service projects several times throughout the year, including clothing drives, providing food for the Humane Society, building picnic tables for Habitat for Humanity, preparing and delivering May Day baskets for the community, and other annual projects.

Twice each year, teachers design special enrichment classes that focus on one topic. Examples include dance, flight, weaving, electronics, poetry, wild animals, garden art, Shakespeare, caves, and crystals.