SchoolPay FAQ


What is SchoolPay?
SchoolPay is a comprehensive K12 payment solution used by thousands of school districts, ranging in size from 500 students to over 200,000 students. SchoolPay will be used by Poudre School District to collect payments both on-line and in person from parents, community members, and district staff. It provides the convenience of paying by Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card on-line or on-site at the schools. Cash and checks can also be accepted on-site.

How do I set up an account for SchoolPay?
If you are a parent or guardian with access to PSD’s online parent portal ParentVUE, and you have provided your email address to PSD, you already have an account set up in SchoolPay. To activate your account, go to Click the large button with the binoculars that reads “Find my Account” and enter your email address. If your email is located in the system, a link will be sent to you in an email. You will need to confirm your address by clicking on the link in the email.

If your email address is not in the system, it is because your email either does not match the email address on file or is not on file. You can create a SchoolPay account by clicking on the large button that reads “Create an Account.” Once you have entered your information, you will need your child’s name as it appears in school registration and Student ID number. If you do not know your child’s student ID number, contact your child’s school.

If my primary language is not English, are there other language options available?
Yes. Your SchoolPay account will default to English. However, you can also select a preferred language. The translation is provided by Google Translate and hundreds of languages are available. To change the language on your account, select “Language” located in the upper right of the screen under the shopping cart.

My child had a balance at the end of the school year in My School Bucks. What will happen to those funds with the change in payment platforms for meal payments?
All funds remaining in your child’s meal account at the end of the school year will carry over to the next year and be displayed in SchoolPay.

Are there any fees associated with paying by credit/debit card?
Yes. For food service transactions, there is a $1.00 transaction fee to partially offset the credit card processing fee. For all other payments made by credit or debit card, there is convenience fee of approximately 3.35%. This convenience fee applies whether the credit/debit payment is made on-line or on-site at a school. There are no fees for cash or check payments made on-site.

Can I transfer funds from my child’s meal account to pay for school fees and other charges?
No. Though meal payments and payments for school fees and other charges are available for payment in SchoolPay in one convenient location, funds may not be transferred between the School Payments and Food Services sections of SchoolPay.

If my child qualifies for free or reduced-priced meals, do I still need to use SchoolPay for school fees/charges since my child’s fees/charges are waived?
Some, but not all, payment items are eligible for fee waivers. For eligible payment items to be waived, students must qualify for free or reduced-priced meals AND a parent/guardian must complete a Permission to Share Information for Fee Waivers and Programs to Receive Goods and Services form for the current school year. When an item for which a fee waiver applies is selected for payment, the item amount will display as $0.00 once you proceed to checkout. You will still need to go through the checkout process for these items for your child to receive the item, service, or to participate in the activity.

Can payments be made from my mobile device?
Yes. SchoolPay is web based and payments can be made anytime from any computer or mobile device.

There are a lot of items available for payment when I log in. How do I know what I need to pay for?
When you log into your SchoolPay account, the first item that will appear in your item list will be titled “Damage/Loss Charges.” If your child has any damage/loss charges due to their school, the charges will be visible when you select “View Items.” If your child does not have any damage/loss charges due, you will get a message stating “No active items were found.”

The remaining items on your list are items available for payment. You will need to select the items for payment based on the classes your child is enrolled in, activities your child will be participating in and/or the merchandise you wish to purchase. If there is a fee/charge associated with participating in an activity or receiving goods, that fee/charge must be paid or have been waived prior to your child participating in the activity or receiving the item.

Please refer to the District’s Student Fees and Charges webpage ( for more information regarding District-wide and school-based student fees/charges. 

I currently log into ParentVUE to see my student’s fees/charges. Will SchoolPay replace ParentVUE?
SchoolPay will only replace the portion of the information in ParentVUE where fees/charges were located – you should continue to use ParentVUE for other information, such as grades and attendance. SchoolPay will provide you with payment history information and items available for payment. Because students are required to pay fees/chargesprior to receiving the goods or participating in the activity, SchoolPay will not show outstanding balances other than damage/loss charges as described in the question/answer above.

Can I pay for multiple students at different schools at the same time?
Yes. To add a child to your account, click your first initial on the top right corner of the screen and select “Profile Management.” Then select the “Student Management” tab from the options on the left. Finally, select "Add Child" from the form. If you already have children associated with your account, “Add Child” will appear beneath your last entry. To add a child:

  1. Enter the school district (Poudre School District)
  2. Enter the name of your child's school
  3. Enter your child’s student ID number
  4. Enter your child’s last name
  5. Repeat for each additional child

Can a relative or friend pay a fee or other charge for my student in SchoolPay?
Student-related purchases can only be made by a registered user. Friends and family members such as aunts/uncles, grandparents, etc. can each have their own account for the same child. To create an account, the individual will need your child’s name as it appears in the school registration and student ID number.

What should I do if I make an error and select and pay for an item on-line that I shouldn’t have?
Contact your student’s school to request a void or refund. Voids can be processed the same day the payment is made. However, once a transaction has settled, a refund must be issued. Refunds can only be issued electronically within 90 days of the transaction.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
If you have any questions during registration or when using the service, please contact a SchoolPay representative at 888.88.MYPAY (69729) or contact SchoolPay via email by selecting the “Email Inquiry” option under “Contact” at If you have questions about the specific payment item, please contact your child’s school directly.