Summer School

Learning Opportunities


2019 High School Summer School 

The Summer School website has complete forms and information regarding classes, registration and payment. Students can pay and register at their school's counseling office. Students should check with their counselor to make sure they are taking the correct class. 

  • In class courses will be held June 10-July 3 at Poudre High School, 201 Impala Drive.
  • Online courses can begin May 1. 

Registration dates and locations:

  • March 21-June 5: Students should register at their home school counseling office after speaking with their counselor about their course needs.
  • June 5-10: Students should visit Centennial High School, 330 E. Laurel Street, to register for summer school classes. 
  • June 10: Students may register on the first day of summer school classes at Poudre High School. Be sure to arrive before 8 a.m.

2019 Tuition

• Cost per class = $175
• Students with fee waivers = $135 
• Out-of-district students = $215
• All payments are due at the time of registration.
• Payment must be made before online classes will be activated.


Targeted Learning Opportunities for Elementary Students

Instead of traditional summer school, some PSD elementary schools offer Targeted Learning Opportunities (TLO)  or as after-school programs to current students. Elementary schools may offer TLO programs to address students' specific needs for additional instruction and to meet achievement goals. Some schools may collaborate to offer academic interventions to students. If you're interested in TLO for your child, please contact your child's teacher or school for more information.