Background and Considerations

PSD is studying later school start times options for middle and high school students. Late start is a complicated issue influenced by many factors. Please see below for considerations. 

For an overview of the PSD study and year-long process, visit the School Start Time Study web page

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Based on research, the American Medical Association has recommended teens not start school until after 8:30 a.m. to allow them sufficient time to sleep and to support better learning. See research about adolescent teen sleep patterns.


Considerations in the School Start Time Study:

Student Impact

  • Affect on students, including sleep and learning factors
  • After school activities, athletics, internships, and jobs
  • Ability to take concurrent enrollment classes because of scheduling issues

Family and Community Impact

  • Affect on working parents
  • Sibling child care 
  • Students who work in the community
  • Traffic patterns around schools
  • Concurrent Enrollment programs and schedules at CSU, FRCC and AIMS

    Human Resources and Employment

    • Availability of bus drivers
    • Contract limitations for licensed and classified staff


    • Affordability of adding routes
    • Cost neutral options


      Additional Information:

      • PSD transports 13,000 students on buses every day.
      • PSD buses run in three tiers - all three levels use the same fleet of buses running at different times.
      • PSD has more than 5,000 students participating in middle and high school athletics.
      • The Colorado High School Sports and Activities Association schedules games for district athletes. Students often have to leave school early to travel for games.
      • Concurrent enrollment classes at community colleges and universities are not scheduled by PSD. Changes to start and end times may impact the ability of students to participate in classes on these campuses.