School Start Time Study

The Board of Education has asked PSD administrators to study later school start time options for middle and high school students. The board is interested in possibly changing school start times in the future based on recommendations by the American Medical Association and other studies on teen sleep patterns.

In January 2018, the Board agreed with PSD's plan to study later school start times for high school and middle school students. See current school start times here.

Board discussion Jan. 9:



The late start study will take a year and consist of four phases:

  • Survey parents, staff, community and students
  • A committee will analyze survey results and create scenarios for further discussion
  • Second survey and community engagement to discuss scenarios and gain feedback
  • Final recommendation to the Board of Education






Spring 2018

Electronic Survey #1 to staff, high school students, parents and community members

Gauge community values around starting middle and high schools later. The survey is to get at a "temperature read" from the community and help define parameters for future scenario discussions.

Summer 2018

Scenario committee* meets (community, parents, students, staff)

Discuss survey results and create scenarios for public consideration.

Fall 2018

Community Forums



Staff Forums



Electronic Survey #2 to staff, high school student, parents and community members

Open meetings at all high schools and school feeder systems to discuss/get feedback on proposals from the Scenario Committee.


Staff meetings for each school feeder system for feedback on proposed scenarios.


Get feedback on proposed scenarios. 

December 2018

Final recommendation to Board of Education

Board discusses recommendation in light of community feedback and engagement and makes decision.


January 2019

Board of Education decision



August 2019

Possible implementation of new start times



*Scenario Committee members will be listed once selected.