Immunization Records

Student records may be requested by the parent/legal guardian or eligible student. An 'eligible' student is defined by federal law as a student who has reached the age of 18 or is attending a post secondary educational institution. Records will not be released to parents of eligible students without the student's signed consent. If the eligible student has been claimed as a dependent on the parent or guardian's federal tax return for the previous year, a Declaration of Dependency Status Form must be completed and submitted along with the signed request and any applicable fees.

Download and complete the Request for Student Transcripts/Records form to request records of a student not currently enrolled in Poudre School District. (Click here to see the fee schedule.) We accept cash, checks or money orders made payable to Poudre School District, or you may fill out a request to charge your credit card - click here for the credit card form.  Please note the signed request can be mailed, emailed, faxed or presented in person. 

The PSD Records Center does not manage records for active (current) PSD students.  Records for current PSD students must be requested through the school the student is currently attending.  Click here for a listing of PSD schools.

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