Long-Term Growth Plan

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New schools and facility improvements will accommodate growing student population

PSD voters approved a $375 million bond to build three new schools — a new middle/high school in Wellington, and an elementary and middle/high school east of I-25 — as well as an athletic complex, transportation facility renovation, and addition to Zach Elementary School.

The bond will also fund $40 million of improvements to every existing school. The $8 million mill levy override will pay for operating costs of the new buildings.

Pending litigation delayed efforts but was resolved in August 2018 (see the "PSD prevails in litigation" news release here). PSD's Board of Education will issue general obligation bonds as soon as possible to finance the capital construction.

As a result of the delay, new timelines for construction of the new facilities have been revised. For more information about the revised plan, see:


New Schools and Additions


District-wide Facilities and Improvements