Short-Term Solutions for Growth

To address growth, the district’s long-range plans call for new schools and updates to existing facilities. Voters approved a bond and mill levy override in 2016 to fund the new facilities. However, construction is on hold until litigation initiated by a community member is resolved. For more details, visit the 2016 Bond and Mill web page.


Modular Classrooms to Provide Space for Students

Until new and updated facilities are available, the district has installed temporary modular classrooms at several schools as a stopgap measure until new buildings come online to provide more space for students. More modular classrooms will be added in fall 2018 to ensure all students are served appropriately.

One modular unit = two classrooms = serving up to 50 students

PSD has 26.5 modular classrooms currently being used by schools. That's equivalent to 51 classrooms that may serve up to 1,275 students (based on a possible 50 students per modular unit).

How each school uses their modular unit varies depending on their needs. One school may use it as a regular classroom while another may use it as a space for smaller groups of students. 


Modular classrooms in place now 

Each modular unit equals 2 classrooms with the capacity to serve 50 students. 

Elementary schools:

Kruse - 1 modular classroom,  can serve up to 50 students

Linton - 1 modular classroom, can serve up to 50 students

O’Dea - 1 modular classroom, can serve up to 50 students

Tavelli  - 1 modular classroom, can serve up to 50 students

Werner - 1 modular classroom, can serve up to 50 students

Zach  - 3 modular classrooms, can serve up to 150 students


Middle Schools: 

Boltz - 1 modular classroom, can serve up to 50 students

CLP- 2 modular classrooms, may serve up to 100 students

Preston - 2 modular classrooms, may serve up to 100 students

Webber - 1 modular classroom, can serve up to 50 students

Wellington - 2 modular classrooms, to serve up to 100 students


High Schools: 

Poudre High School - 4.5 modular classrooms, may serve up to 225 students

Poudre Community Academy - 4 modular classrooms, can serve up to 200 students


2018-19 School Year

Additional modular classrooms may be placed at Bethke, Eyestone, and O'Dea Elementary Schools, as well as Wellington Middle SchoolMore information about these modular classrooms will posted when available.