Supplier ACH Payments

Suppliers may request to use the district's electronic payment option rather than receive paper checks. Payments will be electronically deposited into the supplier's designated bank account through the ACH (Automated Clearing House). ACH payment remittance advice will be delivered via email. This option is only available for suppliers who receive payment through the district finance department (i.e. schools/sites do not have the capability of processing electronic payments). Suppliers interested in exploring this option should email Finance at


COVID-19 impact on processing supplier payments

At this time, Poudre School District will continue to process payments to suppliers on a weekly basis. Due to delays in mail services, to ensure timely payments, we request that suppliers submit invoices electronically to  In addition, suppliers are encouraged to sign up to receive payments via ACH  (Automated Clearing House) transactions.  ACH authorization forms can be obtained using the link below.  Completed forms should be emailed to

Please note that due to fraud risks, all ACH authorization forms and remit to address changes will be independently verified prior to processing any payments.  

Physical checks will continue to be processed for those suppliers who are not equipped to receive ACH transactions, however, due to check printing limitations, please allow additional time for processing.  

Questions can be directed to