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PSD COVID-19 Response

Schools closed rest of the school year

PSD superintendent announces schools, buildings, are closed for the remainder of 2019-20 year; remote education continues - watch her announcement here.

Teachers and students are engaging in remote learning at this time.

For a link to the PSD Remote Learning/Tech Hub website and questions related to PSD's response and staff, visit the PSD COVID-19 Staff FAQ web page. Please note employees must be logged into the staff website to access this page.

Additional information about PSD's response to the global health crisis, is posted on the PSD COVID-19 Coronavirus Response web page.

Staff can expect to receive district weekly updates on Tuesdays, beginning April 7.

April 3 staff update covers:

  • Schools, buildings closed remainder of 2019-20 year: A message from Dr. Smyser 
  • More than 2,000 laptops distributed this week to K-5 students 
  • New #PSDtogether hashtag unifies our PSD community during remote education 
  • Build resiliency, normalcy with a routine and daily schedules 
  • Automatic rostering in Microsoft Teams and other remote teaching resources 
  • April 10 remains a student no-contact day 
  • An accurate census count means millions in federal funding for PSD 
  • More than $12,000 raised in SchoolPay; new option to support internet connectivity  
  • Staff FAQs 


Schools, buildings closed remainder of 2019-20 year; remote education to continue 

 Watch Dr. Smyser's announcement here and read about the Laimer County Department of Health and Environment's support.

More than 2,000 laptops distributed to K-5 students this week 

It’s no surprise how much we can achieve for our students when PSD's passionate staff work together. As students and educators across PSD settled into their new remote learning routines, school staff members this week distributed more than 2,000 laptops and charging cords to kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. The laptops help ensure that students across the district have equal access to remote learning opportunities. Read and see more photos here

New #PSDtogether hashtag unifies PSD during remote education 

We’re still as #PSDProud as ever, don’t worry. We just thought our new remote education world deserved a new hashtag to unify our positive posts. So many schools have shared amazing stories, photos and images on social media, and we’d love for you to use #PSDtogether as you continue to do so. 

Build resiliency, sense of normalcy with routine and daily schedules 

Employee Assistance Services, PSD Mental Health Team and PSD Wellness have combined efforts to remind staff how to take good care in these unusual times. Today’s focus is on establishing a routine and daily schedules, which help with a sense of normalcy.  

  • Maintain a morning routine, including getting dressed, eating a balanced breakfast, brushing your teeth and maintaining hygiene. Studies suggest that getting dressed not only helps you feel better but perform better.  
  • Create a “workstation.” This allows for a mental boundary between working and relaxing. This is also a signal to family and roommates that you are working. Check out these tips on creating an ergonomic workstation.  
  • Set “work” blocks, or chunks of time, that are dedicated to a specific project, class or office hours.   

Read more tips on the Mental Health Resources web page.

Finally, ask for help if you are having a tough time and remember you are not alone.  

EAS staff are working remotely and offering teletherapy/video-counseling sessions to staff and eligible family members. EAS is available 24/7 for PSD staff if they are experiencing a crisis. Call EAS at 970-488-4925 if you would like to make an appointment or need to talk to someone.  

Automatic Rostering in Microsoft Teams 

Automatic rostering in Microsoft Teams has been enabled to aid in communication between teachers and students. This feature rosters Teams based on teacher’s current Synergy classes. 

Teams will show up in the left side under the Teams menu . Please note, teachers will have the ability to use newly created Teams or existing Teams, it is up to them. More information regarding Automatic Rostering in Microsoft Teams, including how to activate a newly rostered team, or edit, archive or delete an existing team) and more, is located on the IT Tech HUB ( 

Remote teaching and learning resources    

The PSD Remote Learning Site continues to be updated with information based upon feedback and support requests. Continue to check this site for new and updated information, including this week’s Remote Learning Trainings page. As a reminder, this is not the time to develop or change to a completely new setup or structure. Expectations and structures for individual school’s remote learning opportunities will be communicated by school administrative teams and/or supervisors.  

Online platforms and tools for connecting and communicating    

Staff may continue to use current digital or online EdTech tools or Pro Accounts for remote learning. PSD is supporting two primary online platforms for connecting and collaborating: G Suite for Education Hangouts Meet and Microsoft Teams.  Please visit the PSD Online Platforms page for more information, rationale, and supports for these platforms.  Please note: Teachers are not expected to use these platforms to deliver synchronized class sessions for students. Instead, staff can consider how these platforms may support connecting with individual or small groups of students or families.   

 Technical Support:  Staff can access the new and improved IT Intranet, now referred to as the Tech HUB. The Tech HUB will provide the most-up-to-date information to support PSD staff; the Tech HUB also features some basic troubleshooting tips, as you are working with students and families. If families need additional technical assistance, they can email   

Please continue entering tickets, which are preferred at this time to respond to your questions, answered in the timeliest manner and due to high call volume. 

April 10 remains a student no-contact day 

Following the approved PSD calendar and Employee Agreement, April 10 is still a no-contact day with students. Though things will certainly look different than normal, this is time for teams to collaborate and for staff to focus on developing their skills. For some buildings, this is an exchange day.  

An accurate census count means millions in federal funding for PSD 

By now, most households should have received a card in the mail asking residents to complete the 2020 census. Please take a moment to answer the 10 questions on the census. It is confidential and requires only a few minutes of time that will result in millions in federal funding to PSD for needed student programs. Whether you have received a notice or not, you can complete your census over the phone (844-330-2020) or online at  For more information, visit the PSD 2020 census web page. 


Donate to support food, emergency, internet services support 

We are #PSDtogether! In a short time, we have raised more than $12,000! Please consider donating whatever you can to help us continue to provide healthy nutritious meals to students throughout the district, as well as to support emergency family support through the Language, Culture and Equity team. As of this week, donors can also opt to have their gift support PSD’s efforts to ensure that students have access to internet services. 

Donate here on SchoolPay. Transaction fees will be waived for donations. In addition, PSD families with SchoolPay accounts can transfer their current student account balance. Please email to donate your balance. 

Other ways to support local COVID-19 relief efforts:

Staff COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions 

For answers to other frequently asked questions, visit the PSD staff FAQ guide. Let us know if a question/answer that could help others is missing. You must be logged in with your PSD credentials to access the staff site. 

PSD Employee Health Clinic protocols

In an effort to slow transmission of the COVID-19 virus, the PSD Employee Health Clinic, 151 W. Lake St. #1500 in Fort Collins, has updated protocols in response to COVID-19.  At this time, the clinic is working to maintain a “clean care” status to treat only acute conditions without any of the following risk factors. 

  • Fever 
  • Cough 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Other respiratory issues 
  • Travel outside the U.S. 
  • Known or potential exposure to COVID-19 

If you have any of the above risk factors, do not go to the clinic. The clinic now has a nurse outside monitoring anyone who shows up for care.  If you have any of the above risk factors, you will be redirected to another office. Therefore, it is best you call ahead so you can be redirected to the appropriate location. Call 970-237-6339 during normal business hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday-Friday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. After hours, call 970-495-6255 for triage. 

  • During this time, you may be asked to go to a pharmacy for acute medications instead of the Employee Health Clinic. 
  • Patients with other issues (such as injuries) are welcome to come to the clinic but are asked to call ahead as a precaution. 
  • The goal of the health clinic is to protect patients, staff, and the community with these changes. Please be patient with staff as protocols can quickly change and wait times may be longer

For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 and the number of confirmed cases in Colorado and in the U.S., visit:

PSD staff can now purchase supplies through the PSD Marketplace 

Procurement Services is excited to offer staff the PSD Marketplace, a new user-friendly online portal for ordering supplies. This new service gives staff a more up-to-date way of purchasing supplies and having them delivered directly to their site.

The PSD Marketplace is available under the "How-To" section on the PSD Staff website. Please note: Employees must be logged in to the Staff website to access the Marketplace.

2019-20 school calendar, bell schedules

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