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Webber students talk with astronaut on International Space Station

Webber Middle School got a shout out from space this week.  Kjell Lindgren, an astronaut currently on board the International Space Station, hosted a live video chat with students at 10 schools across America, answering their questions about what it's like to live and work in space.

Each semester, Webber Aerospace Ventures in Education (WAVE) coordinates a simulated, two-day trip to the International Space Station in a giant wooden shuttle located in their tech classroom. Along with astronauts, the WAVE crew includes positions like public affairs officer and mission commander. Students apply for each, often rising through the ranks as they progress through middle school.  

Seventh grade student Leah Gugelman is the flight director for WAVE's current mission, number 44, which happens to coordinate with the number of Lindgren's mission. While busy managing her team of middle school astronauts, she thought it was cool to see one who's actually in space. "I love space — especially interspace," she said. "But the best part of WAVE is being a leader and getting to work with other people and be creative."  

Alumni of WAVE have gone on to earn Ph.Ds in theoretical physics and planetary geology. Some have graduated from West Point or become pilots. One even became the first female commander on a navy submarine.  

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