PSD Foundation

The Poudre School District Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 organization that ignites powerful learning opportunities that would not otherwise be financially possible.

Mission: In partnership with PSD, the PSD Foundation mobilizes community resources to provide students with educational opportunities that may not otherwise exist. 

Vision: All PSD students graduate equipped to be successful in a changing world. 


 PSD Foundation Website


PSD Foundation programs include:

  • Supporting Partnerships In Innovative Education grants;
  • Excellence in Education awards; and
  • Teacher Externships. 

PSD Foundation's Family Compassion Fund

The PSD Foundation (501c3) has created a Family Compassion Fund to support three areas of need: 

  1. Emergency Family Relief providing basic needs like food, housing assistance and transportation
  2. Access to Internet and Technology for students while they engage in online distance learning
  3. Grab-and-Go Lunches for students while schools are closed. 

Please join us in supporting our PSD community and donate at the PSD Foundation Compassion Fund web page. 


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