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Every student deserves strong academic outcomes

On the first day of school, I stopped by Mrs. Saunders’ art class at Laurel Elementary to wish everyone a happy new year. Standing at the front of the room in a navy suit, I heard something unexpected: “Did you just come from church?” That thoughtful and laugh-provoking question was from Martin, a second grader, who minutes later asked if my jacket was from Macy’s, happily put the jacket on, and took a photo with me.  

That moment showed me who Martin is: curious, courageous, and wanting to connect with others. Martin – and every one of our students – deserves opportunities to accelerate their learning and feel like they belong. Simply put, PSD exists for our students. We're about helping kids and young people pursue their dreams and experience strong outcomes. 

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A message of gratitude

As your superintendent, I want to convey my gratitude and humility for the ability to partner with you.

My family and I are incredibly excited to be in Northern Colorado and a part of the PSD community. I look forward to listening, learning and leading with you. I can’t wait to meet you and hear your thoughts.

Poudre School District is strong – the product of your service, deep engagement and commitment to ensuring that we Educate... Every Child, Every Day. We have a significant responsibility to work as a team to ensure that our young people have the opportunities they deserve to grow into their best selves. Education is, after all, all about connections – those among students, teachers, staff, coaches, families and community members – that enrich and elevate the lives of others.

"Public education changed my life trajectory and filled me with hope, love, confidence and a sense of belonging. It was where my beliefs solidified regarding the role of education in people’s lives."

With our staff, I will promote collaboration and communication among all stakeholders in this community. We will strive to build and deliver exceptional educational experiences every day for all students. 

With empathy and transparency, I will work with you, side by side, to make sure that our goals for students become a reality. This work will be rooted in three equity-centered commitments and core values: visionary district leadership, inclusive district culture and instructional excellence. Moving forward as a community, it will take all of us working in tandem to effectively allocate our time, people and resources in ways that align with the goal of achievement for all students. 

I am excited to move forward together.

With appreciation, 

Brian Kingsley 


On the first day of school, a Laurel Elementary student asked to try on Superintendent Kingsley's jacket. 

Superintendent Kingsley with Martin.
Superintendent Kingsley and Martin

Superintendent Kingsley with Martin who is wearing the superintendent's jacket.



On the first day of school, I stopped by Mrs. Saunders’ art class at Laurel Elementary to wish everyone a happy new year. Standing at the front of the room in a navy suit, I heard… read Every student deserves…
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The Superintendent's Office is responsible for management of the district's instructional and operational programs and projects. Under the Policy Governance model, the Superintendent is the "CEO" of the district and is the Board of Education's sole employee. The Superintendent retains authority to implement district policies within "Executive Limitations" outlined by Board of Education policies.