Making a difference in PSD!

We believe volunteers make a difference in our schools by sharing wisdom and caring for our future leaders. Thank you for contributing your time and talent to PSD students and staff. If you'd like to volunteer, please review and follow the COVID-19 protocols before volunteering at schools. Use the handy buttons below to login and/or register; see volunteer opportunities and to complete the volunteer symptom screening. If registering, please allow one to five days for processing.

For Charter School volunteer registration and information, please contact the charter school office directly: (Compass Community, Global Village Academy, Fort Collins Montessori, Liberty Common, Mountain Sage or Ridgeview Classical). Please do not register with PSD.


Limited number of volunteers allowed at schools
COVID-19 protocols in place

PSD is allowing a limited number of volunteers at schools. They are restricted to roles where minimal close contact will occur for staff or students, such as outside traffic monitoring during arrival and dismissal, outdoor recess monitoring, and possibly clerical work such as shelving library books or making copies. Volunteers are required to follow all protocols (listed below) including wearing masks and personal protective equipment, and pass a symptom screening before entering any PSD school or building. 

Please note that PSD does not require schools to have volunteers: Some PSD schools may decide not to utilize volunteers at this time. This is an option for them. Schools that have volunteers must follow district protocols for them. Please check with your school if you have questions about volunteering for them. 

COVID-19 protocols for volunteers  

Learn more about processes when there is a COVID-19 case in PSD schools, how PSD and the Larimer County health department work together, contact tracing and more on the PSD COVID-19 Protocols web page. 

  • All elementary school volunteers must wear a KN95 mask and eye protection (e.g. face shield) as part of PSD’s contact tracing strategy at the primary level. These will be provided to volunteers on their first day at school.  

  • Volunteers must always wear required PPE, maximize social distancing from others and wash their hands frequently.  

  • Volunteer duties are designed to limit the potential for close contact (within 6 feet for 15 cumulative minutes with a COVID-19 positive individual) as much as possible. These include:  

    • Traffic (drop-off and pick-up, crosswalk duty) and recess monitoring outside,  

    • Grading, shelving library books or making copies while distanced from others (preferably working alone),  

    • Giving teachers and staff quick opportunities (approximately 5 minutes) to use the restroom. They should wear required PPE, remain at the front of the classroom and maintain more than 6 feet of distance. 

  • Volunteers should NOT be utilized for indoor lunch duty because of the potential for close contact and exposure. 

  • Volunteers will follow PSD’s existing process for registering to be a volunteer in PSD. This includes a background check.


Daily, required volunteer symptom screening 

PSD Volunteer Symptom Screening

  • PSD volunteers are required to complete an online symptom screening each time before entering any PSD school or facility. Daily screening can be completed on a desktop computer at home or on your mobile device before entering school. You will receive a pass/fail to indicate if you are permitted to enter the building. 

  • If you do not have access to the internet or a computer, please go to the front desk and ask for help completing your registration. 

  • Access PSD’s online system here: community.psdschools.org   

  • First-time users will need to register using a valid email address.   

  • Once registered, volunteers will complete the symptom screen once per day.   

  • To support accurate contact tracing efforts, volunteers must check-in at each PSD location visited.

    • In the notes section, please include the classrooms/areas of the school you were in, as well as a short description of your duties and other information that will help us perform contact tracing.   

  • Volunteers can access their account to make modifications throughout each day as needed. 

Do not volunteer, enter the building if you are sick

  • If you report that you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms (new loss of taste or smell, fever, sore throat, persistent cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, muscle aches), you will get a red octagon, and should not enter the building or volunteer that day. 

Reporting if you have COVID-19, are exposed to someone with COVID-19 

If you volunteer and later experience one of the following, please report it to the school as quickly as possible so the COVID-19 Response Team can follow district protocols for cases:  

  • You are identified as a close contact of an individual who tested positive or probable for COVID-19, or 

  • You test positive for or are considered probable for COVID-19 yourself. 

  • Go to the PSD Protocols for COVID-19 web page for more information. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register to volunteer? Any individuals over the age of 18, except for students enrolled in PSD or staff members.

Do I need to register and get background checked if I only volunteer for one day or one event? This requirement applies to all volunteer service, whether it is only for a single occasion or will occur on a sporadic or regular basis, and regardless of the program, event or activity involved. Review the PSD Volunteer Policy KJ here

Am I required to register each new school year? No. Please keep your volunteer account updated with school preferences and contact information.

Contact Information

For more information about volunteering, please call (970) 488-4400. Thank you!