Student Outcomes

The PSD Board of Education creates the District Ends, which are visionary goals for the district.

The District Ends, adopted in June 2014, are purposely designed to be visionary and broad, with sub-components that describe the way that End is interpreted and benchmarks to measure the progress toward attaining those goals.

They are formed around the PSD Vision: Poudre School District exists to support and inspire every child to think, to learn, to care and to graduate prepared to be successful in a changing world.

With the new Ends in mind, PSD measures student outcomes in both traditional and non-traditional ways:

  • Attendance: The percentage of time students are in school
  • School Readiness: The rate at which PreK students are ready for Kindergarten based on a state assessment
  • Early Literacy: The rate that K-3 students meet benchmarks on a district assessment
  • Test Scores: Student performance on state and district assessments (achievement and growth)
  • Graduation Rates: The percentage of students who graduate "on-time" in four years, along with those who take longer (5 and 6 years) + percentage of 9-12th grade student on track to graduate within the 4 years
  • Dropout Rate: Percentage of PSD students that leave school each year
  • College Credit: Number of students who take college level courses in high school (including AP/IB courses and performance)
  • College Readiness: Percentage of students meeting or exceeding benchmarks on the ACT and SAT
  • Work-Based Learning opportunities: Number of students participating in internships, job shadowing and other experiences in the community
  • Student opportunities: Number of opportunities for students to be involved in their school through activities, clubs, athletics and other programming
  • Connections: How students feel connected to their school measured by student input via surveys

View the most recent DE 1.0 Monitoring Report for details on Student Outcomes as measured against the new Ends.