Student and Family Data Verification

Every school year, parents/guardians can review and update their student and family information online through ParentVUE. Keeping your family's information up-to-date is crucial to receiving timely communication from the district and ensuring that you can be contacted in case of emergency. 

If you have questions about updating your student or family’s information, please contact your students’ school. 

Frequently asked questions about student and family data verification

What is Online Student and Family Data Verification?

Online Student and Family Data Verification is a feature within ParentVUE that allows parents and guardians with active K-12 students to update and manage their students’ demographic, health, parent contact information, emergency contact information, and upload documents to submit to their students’ school.  


How do I login to verify my students’ information?

Once you are logged into ParentVUE, click on the Online Registration / Data Verification tab on the top right hand corner of the screen and select the Current Student and Family Data Verification process from the drop down menu.

Selecting data verification button


2021-22 current student and family data verification drop down image


If each parent/guardian has an account, do all need to verify our students’ data? 

Only one parent/guardian needs to complete the verification process.

Who can verify my students’ information? 

Parent/guardians with access to ParentVUE are authorized to verify their students’ information. If parents share an address with each other, they can update each other’s information as well.

If one parent/guardian started the verification process already, can the other parent/guardian finish the process for the family? 

Whoever starts the verification process will need to finish the process. If that person does not want to finish the process, they can log back in to the ParentVUE and click Delete Registration.

If parent/guardians are separated are there security measures in place to ensure each one can only change their own information? 

Yes. Parent/Guardians who live in separate households will only have access to change their own information and cannot alter that of the other parent/guardian. 

Can I still submit my changes by paper? 

Yes. If you choose to verify your students’ information by paper you can do so by contacting your students’ school. 


I’ve submitted my students’ data verification, now what? 

After submitting the Student and Family Data Verification, any changes will be routed to your students’ school office staff member for review. Once accepted, the changes will be applied to the student record in the student information system. 

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