Violence-Free Relationships and Prevention


High school students smiling.



Promote healthy, violence-free relationships 

Students learn knowledge and skills that promote healthy, violence-free relationships.


Elementary Learning Goals


  • Identify the importance of respecting the personal space and boundaries of self and others


First-third grades:

Explain why bullying is harmful and how to respond appropriately.

Describe pro-social behaviors and skills that enhance healthy interactions with others

Fourth-fifth grades:

Demonstrate skills necessary to prevent a conflict from escalating to violence.

Demonstrate pro-social behaviors that reduce the likelihood of physical fighting, violence, and bullying



Middle and High School Learning Goals

Sixth-eighth grades:

  • Demonstrate ways to advocate for a positive, respectful school and community environment that supports pro-social behavior
  • Demonstrate self-management skills to reduce physical and emotional violence and actively participate in violence prevention
  • Analyze the factors that influence violent and nonviolent behavior


Ninth-12th grades:

  • Analyze the factors that influence community and societal beliefs that underlie violence, and describe relationships, attitudes, behavior, and vulnerability to violence.
  • Identify the emotional and physical consequences of violence, and find strategies to deal with, prevent, and report them
  • Access valid information and resources that provide information about sexual assault and violence
  • Demonstrate verbal and nonverbal communication skills and strategies to prevent violence


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