Transportation Services provides safe and reliable transportation for approximately 13,000 students every day. More than 150 school buses run approximately 1.8 million miles per year, including extra-curricular trips. Two main bus terminals and four remote sites serve the district, with covers over 1,800 square miles.

Transportation eligibility is based on the distance between the student's home and neighborhood school. Students who live outside of the designated walking areas are eligible to ride the bus. Round-trip transportation is provided for students in all-day programs that meet the distance requirement. School Choice busing is offered on a space available basis to School Choice students who apply. Applications must be approved before they are eligible to ride the bus.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Transportation Main Line | 970.490.3232 |

Director of Transportation
Matt Bryant | 970.490.3155 |

Operations Manager
Jake Bell | 970.490.3684 |

Vehicle Maintenance Manager (Interim)
Michael Quijano | 970.490.3569 |

Transportation Supervisor - North Terminal - 2445 LaPorte Avenue
Stacey Pieza (Interim) | 970.490.3282 |
Susan Wittrock | 970.490.3283 |

Transportation Supervisor - South Terminal - 6425 Portner Avenue
Kim Clark | 970.488.5280 |
Sonja Novovesky | 970.488.5278 |

Office Manager
Amy Hatch | 970.490.3155 |