Facility Rental

Building Rental and Facility Use Process

If you're interested in renting or using a PSD building/facility, please review the following district policies:


Steps / guidelines for using a PSD facility

1. Download/save the the applicable Facility Use Request Form (listed below), fill out, and submit to the Customer Support Center at csc@psdschools.org, or mail to/deliver in person to: 2445 LaPorte Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80521. 

For best results, download the form then complete the information. In browser file saving may not be supported.

2. Allow 10 business days for the Customer Support Center to process the request.

  • Reservations will be booked on a first come first serve basis pending insurance approval.
    • All school year reservations (August 1 - May 31) can be submitted April 1 at midnight and will be booked beginning July 1.
    • All summer reservations (June 1 - July 31) can be submitted January 1 at midnight and will be booked beginning April 1.

3. After approval, submit an Acknowledgement of Receipt to the Customer Support Center. The form must be received a minimum of 10 days prior to the event. If the form is not received, the event will be cancelled. 

  • At this time, a Certificate of Insurance will be required. See the Facility Use Insurance Requirements section below for information on required insurance.

4. Once the Acknowledgement of Receipt and Certificate of Insurance is received, a Facility Use Permit, and attached Event Detail Report, will be issued. Due to security concerns, the Facility Use Permit must be brought to the site during the event. The site custodian may not allow access to the school if the Facility Use Permit is not presented. 

5. Please note, a cancellation fee will be assessed if notice of cancellation is not received a minimum of two business days prior to the event. 

6. Invoices will be issued at the end of each month in accordance with the district's Facility Use Fee Schedule.

Facility Use Insurance Requirements

In accordance with district policy KF - Use of District Facilities, prospective community users shall furnish the district with proof of general liability insurance written on an "occurrence" basis with limits of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate by providing a current Certificate of Insurance. The district, its elected officials, and employees shall be named as additional insureds and a copy of the policy endorsement must be attached to the Certificate of Insurance. Proof of insurance must be submitted to the Customer Support Center before a Facility Use Permit will be issued.

Memorandums of insurance will not be accepted. 

Facility Non-Use Days

Per district policy KF - Use of District Facilities, District facilities shall not be scheduled for activities or events by district or community users on days designated as paid holidays for district employees or on the weekends immediately preceding or following paid holidays.

Authorized Support Organizations

Organizations wishing to apply for Authorized Support Organization status must complete the district's Authorized Support Organization Application and provide all applicable documentation. Additional information can be found in the guidelines and application form below:

Developmental Athletic Programs

Programs wishing to apply for Developmental Athletic Program status must complete the district's Developmental Athletic Program Application and provide all applicable documentation.

Community Use of Tracks and Tennis Courts

Community members wishing to use district tennis courts for personal use may purchase a key from the Customer Support Center. Remittance for the key must be exact cash or check only. 

District tracks (excluding TMHS and RMHS) are open for public use free of charge. Please be aware of District events and field reservations which take priority over community track use.  

Contact Information

CSC Information / Building Rental / Facility Use 
970.490.3333 | csc@psdschools.org