PSD Partnerships and Volunteers

Partnerships with schools and students benefit everyone

The PSD Partnership Center connects local businesses, community organizations and volunteers to schools and teachers to support and enhance student learning, work experiences and community involvement. 

By collaborating with each other, we help students be successful in and out of the classroom, while creating a skilled future workforce and caring community members. That's a win-win for all! 

Masks in PSD: Masks are required for students, staff and visitors in PSD schools and buildings. Masks are not required outdoors. Learn more about COVID protocols in PSD on the Health and Safety web page. 


PSD has a variety of partnerships that include:

  • Small and large business partnerships for student workplace learning opportunities, mentoring, job shadowing, and more. 
  • Community and non-profit organizations that support PSD students and staff through programs like the "Supply Our Students" school supply drive, teacher appreciation offerings and events, in-class reading programs, and fundraisers. 
  • Parents and community members who volunteer their time and talents to help students and staff. 
  • PSD Insight Leadership Class for community members who want to learn about the district and how they can be involved in local education.

Want to get involved or have a great idea? Call or email us!

  • If you want to be involved with schools, but aren’t sure how to go about it, email or give us a call. We’ll figure out the best fit and connect you. 


Contact Information

Coordinator of Business and Community Development
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