Leadership PSD


Leadership PSD exists for people who want to learn about the history, governance, budget and curriculum of Poudre School District and its 53 schools. The goal is to educate and motivate leaders who want to be involved in education and our local schools to help shape the future for PSD students.


Leadership PSD participants can expect:

  • Opportunity to learn from leaders in PSD about all aspects of how PSD operates
  • A chance for meaningful feedback and engagement
  • Monthly meetings during the school year during the school day (Most likely Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 8:00am-10:00am)


Session topics:

  • Welcome, Overview, and Demographics
  • Finance and School-Based Budgeting
  • Facilities, Long Range Planning, and Security 
  • Human Resources and Communications
  • Futures Lab, Career & Technical Education, and Sector Partnerships
  • Student Services and Mental Health
  • Instructional Programs and School Choice 
  • Early Childhood Education and Opportunities Unlimited
  • Assessments & Evaluation/Research and Language, Culture & Equity


Applicant requirements:

  • Reside or be employed within the Poudre School District boundaries
  • Be at least 21 years of age at the time of application
  • Submit a complete application
  • Be able to attend ALL sessions in person

An application review committee (comprised of PSD staff and parents) reviews applications and selects up to 25 participants for the class. Applicants not selected for a particular Leadership PSD class may reapply for a future one by submitting another application.



Click here to apply for the 2022-2023 Leadership PSD cohort




    Contact Information

    Coordinator of Business and Community Development
    Nick Peterson  |  npeterson@psdschools.org