Mobile Academic Classroom Partnerships

Kids and a teachers work at a table outside by Mac the Bus.

MAC keeps students learning over summer break

Take one step inside, and you’ll quickly realize you aren’t on a typical school bus. White boards with math equations scrawled across them in colorful dry erase markers line the wall. A cabinet full of charging laptops sits near the front of the bus, next to cushy work benches. In the back, a reading area stocked with picture books invites students to take a seat and start reading.

Welcome to PSD’s Mobile Academic Classroom, or MAC. What was once an old school bus, the MAC is an exciting classroom for Tavelli Elementary students, offering academic enrichment programs during the summer months to help keep kids’ skills sharp and to better prepare them for the new school year. 

The idea for the MAC, which began serving students in summer 2018, came from Tavelli Elementary School Principal Christine Hendricks. The PSD Partnership Center worked with Hendricks, connecting partners across the district and in the community to transform a retired school bus into a groovy, educational classroom on wheels.

Thanks to financial assistance from the PSD Foundation, as well as a generous gift from an anonymous donor, the project was able to leverage donations to help make the dream a reality!

Many thanks to these MAC partners!

PSD Foundation
•    BC Interiors
•    Bear Lakes Designs
•    CDW-G
•    DesignPoint Engineering
•    Healthy Kids Club, A program of UC Health
•    Intel
•    Jet Marketing
•    Kaiser Permanente

 MiEn Company
•    Mohawk Flooring
•    Otto Pint
•    PSD Innovation Grants
•    RB+B Architects
•    School Specialty
•    Saunders Heath Construction
•    Virco

Students do learning activities inside Mac the Bus.