Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council

The Poudre School District Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council process will comply with C.R.S. 22-9-107. 

C.R.S. 22-9-107. School district personnel performance evaluation councils - duties.

(1) Every school district and board of cooperative services in the state subject to the provisions of this article shall have an advisory school district personnel performance evaluation council or advisory board of cooperative services personnel performance evaluation council, which shall, at a minimum, consist of the following members to be appointed by the local board of education or board of cooperative services:

  • One teacher
  • One administrator
  • One principal
  • One resident from the school district who is a parent of a child attending a school within the district
  • One resident of the school district who is not a parent with a child in the district

(2) Said council shall consult with the local board or board of cooperative services as to the fairness, effectiveness, credibility, and professional quality of the licensed personnel performance evaluation system and its processes and procedures and shall conduct a continuous evaluation of said system.

(3) The council for a school district may be composed of any other school district committee having proper membership, as defined in subsection (1) of this section.

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