Substitute Teachers

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Poudre School District has concluded sub hiring for 2017-18 school year. Sub hiring for the 2018-19 school year will begin in July 2018 and continue through April 2019. A link to the application will be available at this site on June 1, 2018.

Licensed Substitutes: Replaces a teacher in the event of an absence - must hold a Colorado teaching license or a Colorado 3-year/5-year substitute authorization. Please see licensing information below. Licensed substituting for PSD requires either a Colorado Teaching License or a Colorado Substitute Authorization (3‐year or 5‐year).

All licensure is issued though the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). For questions about Colorado licensure, email the CDE at or call 303‐866‐ 6628.


Classified Substitutes: Replaces a classroom paraprofessional, non‐instructional paraprofessional or clerical position. No teaching license is required for classified substitutes. Licensed subs are automatically eligible to work as a classified sub.

2017-2018 Pay for Subs

Licensed substitutes are paid either a full day or a half day:

  • $95.00/Full Day (more than 4 hours)
  • $47.50/Half Day (4 hours or less)

Substitutes for Mountain Schools are paid at a higher rate to compensate for mileage (Full/Half):

  • Livermore: $117.00/Full Day $73.00/Half Day
  • Red Feather: $144.00/Full Day $100.00/Half Day
  • Stove Prairie: $117.00/ Full Day $73.00/Half Day

Classified substitutes are paid hourly:

  • Non-Instructional Paraprofessional: $10.74/hour
  • Instructional Paraprofessional: $11.62/hour
  • Special Ed Paraprofessional I: $12.57/hour
  • Special Ed Paraprofessional II: $13.60/hour
  • Clerical/Office: $10.74/hour
  • Health Tech: $12.02/hour


Additional information:

Contact Information

Substitute Teacher Program Coordinator
Dawn Clifton | 970.490.3078 |