Substitute Teachers

PSD is accepting applications for both substitute teachers and paraprofessionals for the 2022-23 school year.

To apply to become a substitute in Poudre School District, please click the Job Postings link below. For licensed substitute teachers, apply to the Substitute - Licensed Pool posting or for classified paraprofessional/office staff substitutes, apply to the Substitute - Classified Pool postingApplication screenings will begin mid-July and will continue weekly through April 7, 2023. Approved applicants will be contacted via email with an invitation to sign up for an upcoming substitute on-boarding meeting. On-boarding meetings are held monthly. 

Job Postings


Licensed Substitute replaces a teacher, and must hold a Colorado teaching license, or a Colorado 1-year/3-year/5-year substitute authorization. * 

Classified Substitute replaces a classroom paraprofessional, non‐instructional paraprofessional or clerical position. No teaching license is required for classified substitutes.

*Licensed substitutes are automatically eligible to work as a classified substitute. 


Questions about the Colorado licensure process? 

Substitute licensure is obtained from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Email the CDE at: or call 303‐866‐ 6628.

Required Background Check: Upon hire, both licensed and classified subs must complete a background check specific to Poudre School District.  For licensed subs, this is in addition to what CDE requires for licensure.  The cost for the background check $40.00 for classified subs and $28.00 for licensed subs at the substitute's expense.  More information about background requirements will be discussed at the sub orientation. 


Colorado NEW Substitute Stipend

CDE in partnership with the Colorado Center for Rural Education at the University of Northern Colorado, are pleased to announce the availability of a $300 stipend for new substitutes that can be used to reimburse a variety of costs associated with obtaining a substitute authorization. Individuals who are new to substitute teaching in Colorado and who hold a valid 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year Substitute Authorization (or a valid Colorado teacher license) may qualify for the stipend upon meeting eligibility requirements. Those requirements as well as other important information are available on the Colorado Substitute Stipend webpage.


2022-23 Sub Incentive

A $250 bonus will be awarded to substitutes who work 80 hours or more in a pay period. A pay period is the 16th of each month to the 15th of the following month. 


2022-2023 Substitute Pay  

Licensed substitutes are expected to work a full day or a half day and are compensated accordingly:

A half day is considered four hours or less. A full day is 8 hours (subs that work more than 4 hours will be compensated for a full day). 

  • Full Day: $135.00 (PERA retiree $145.00) 
  • Half Day: $67.50 (PERA retiree $72.50) 
  • Long Term: $175.00/day (15 or more days, same teacher)

Classified substitutes are compensated hourly:

  • Clerical/Office/Non-Instructional Paraprofessional: $15.00/hour
  • Instructional Paraprofessional: $16.50/hour
  • Health Tech (approval required): $16.50/hour
  • Integrated Services Paraprofessional I: $17.25/hour
  • Integrated Services Paraprofessional II: $18.00/hour
  • 504 Paraprofessional: $18.00/hour
  • Integrated Services Early Childhood Paraprofessional: $18.00/hour

*Substitutes that work in the Mountain Schools (Stove Prairie, Livermore and Red Feather) will be compensated for mileage. Maximum mileage allowance applies. 

Daily maximum mileage:

  • Stove Prairie: 35.2 miles
  • Livermore: 37.8 miles
  • Red Feather: 86.8 miles 


Additional information:

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