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2023-24 Substitute hiring information:

Poudre School District is now accepting applications for Licensed Substitutes and will be partnering with ESS for Classified Substitutes for the 2023-24 school year.


Licensed Substitute Process:

A Licensed Substitute replaces a teacher and must hold a valid Colorado teaching license, or a Colorado 1-year/3-year/5-year substitute authorization. Substitute licensure is obtained from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).

Questions about the Colorado licensure process?

For questions about licensure, please contact CDE directly. You can reach them by submitting a licensing support request   or calling between 7:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday at 720‐739‐ 3304.


Hiring Process:

Application screenings will begin mid-July and will continue weekly through April 5, 2024. Approved applicants will be contacted via email with an invitation to sign up for an upcoming substitute onboarding meeting. Onboarding meetings will be held monthly through April 2024.

Upon hire, licensed subs must complete a background check that is specific to Poudre School District. For licensed subs, this is in addition to CDE’s background check that was completed for licensure. Specific directions for the background check will be sent to newly hired subs after they attend a substitute onboarding meeting. This requirement cannot be completed prior to attending the onboarding meeting. The cost for the background check is the responsibility of the substitute.

Licensed subs: $28.00 for electronic background check (via Sterling Solutions)


To apply for a substitute position, please click the blue Job Listings link below and apply for the Substitute - Licensed Pool.

Click here to access PSD Job Listings


Classified Substitute Process:

A Classified Substitute replaces a classroom paraprofessional, non‐instructional paraprofessional, clerical position, child nutrition staff member or custodial positions. No teaching license is required for classified substitutes. 


Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, Poudre School District is partnering with ESS ( ESS will officially begin managing our classified substitute program effective August 17, 2023. ESS is a seasoned educational staffing agency dedicated to providing qualified and trained staff to school districts. ESS employees receive weekly pay, health benefits that begin on the first day of employment, ongoing training opportunities, special incentives, and bonus programs.


*Note: If you are currently employed through Poudre School District as a classified sub, ESS will be in contact with you to offer you a position with their organization and provide details for upcoming orientation events where you will have the opportunity to meet with the ESS team, learn about the company, ask questions, and complete the transition.


How Can I Learn More and Apply?

Please visit to learn more about ESS and apply to become an ESS substitute. The onboarding process consists of three easy steps, and the ESS team will be there to support you every step of the way. Start your application today by clicking here:


Account Manager:

Samantha Baine | O: 970.490.3123 | C: 602.694.0152



2023-2024 Substitute Pay

Licensed substitutes are paid a daily rate through PSD (monthly):

Half Day (4 hours or less) $72.50/day
PERA Retiree Half Day  $77.50/day
Full Day (more than 4 hours)     $145.00/day
PERA Retiree Full Day $155.00/day


Classified substitutes are paid an hourly rate through ESS (weekly):

Non-Instructional Paraprofessional $15.60/hour
Crossing Guard $15.60/hour
Child Nutrition Level I $15.00/hour
Child Nutrition Level II $16.74/hour
Custodian $16.74/hour
Office Assistant  $17.16/hour
Health Tech (approval required) $17.16/hour
Instructional Paraprofessional $17.16/hour
Media Tech $17.16/hour
Integrated Services Paraprofessional I $17.94/hour
Integrated Services Paraprofessional II $18.72/hour
504 Paraprofessional $18.72/hour
Integrated Services Early Childhood Paraprofessional $18.72/hour

Mountain Schools: Classified and Licensed subs who drive to the mountain schools (Livermore, Red Feather, Stove Prairie) will be compensated for their mileage at 65.5 cents per mile.

2023-24 Sub Incentive

  • A $250 bonus will be awarded to substitutes who work 80 hours or more in a pay period. PSD pay periods run mid-month to mid-month (16th – 15th); ESS will use calendar months. This bonus does not include Child Nutrition or Custodial sub assignments.
  • A $100 bonus will be awarded to Child Nutrition substitutes for every five days worked in a calendar month.

*Classified and Licensed assignments will accrue hours towards the sub incentive separately.


Additional information:

•    Substitute Guide to SmartFind Express  (available after PSD email account is set up)
•    Map of Schools
•    School Calendar
•    Substitute Employee Handbook
•    Colorado Department of Education
•    PSD School Directory
•    District Policies 


Contact Information

Licensed Substitutes
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Classified Substitutes
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