Substitute Teachers

Substitute teacher/para applications are now being accepted.  Please apply for the job listing Substitute - Licensed Pool or Substitute - Classified Pool.  Licensed subs are automatically eligible to sub for classified positions.  Click here to access PSD's applicant system. 



SmartFind Express (system for hired substitutes)


Licensed Substitute replaces a teacher, and must hold a Colorado teaching license, or a Colorado 3-year/5-year substitute authorization. * 

Classified Substitute replaces a classroom paraprofessional, non‐instructional paraprofessional or clerical position. No teaching license is required for classified substitutes.

*Licensed substitutes are automatically eligible to work as a classified substitute. 

Questions about the Colorado licensure process? 

Substitute licensure is obtained from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Email the CDE at: or call 303‐866‐ 6628.

Required Background Check: Upon hire, both licensed and classified subs must complete a background check specific to Poudre School District.  For licensed subs, this is in addition to what CDE required for licensure.  The cost for the background check $40.00 for classified subs and $28.00 for licensed subs at the substitutes expense.  More information about background requirements will be discussed at the sub meeting. 


2020-2021 Substitute Pay  

Licensed substitutes are expected to work either a full day or a half day:

  • $57.50/Half Day (4 hours or less)
  • $62.50/Half Day (4 hours or less PERA retiree)
  • $115.00/Full Day (8 hours)
  • $125.00/Full Day (8 hours and PERA retiree)
  • $155.00/Full Day Long term rate  

Substitutes for Mountain Schools are paid at a higher rate to compensate for mileage (Full/Half):

  • Livermore: $127.00/Full Day $73.00/Half Day
  • Stove Prairie: $127.00/ Full Day $73.00/Half Day
  • Red Feather: $155.00/Full Day $100.00/Half Day

Classified substitutes are paid hourly:

  • Clerical/Office: $12.88/hour
  • Instructional Paraprofessional: $14.00/hour
  • Health Tech: $14.41/hour
  • Integrated Services Paraprofessional I: $15.25/hour
  • Integrated Services Paraprofessional II/504 Paraprofessional: $16.30/hour
  • Integrated Services Early Childhood Paraprofessional: $16.30/hour


Additional information:

Contact Information

Substitute Teacher Program Coordinator
Dawn Clifton | 970.490.3078 |