New Educators

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Resources for New Teachers

Reminders to:

  • Complete all items on your licensed new hire checklist and your licensed new hire contract checklist.
  • Obtain Colorado teaching or special services provider license from CDE and upload to the appropriate task in your checklist.
  • Upload original, official transcripts and, if applicable, lane change paperwork.
  • Complete all required forms in your new hire checklist by early August to receive a paycheck August 31.
  • Review Benefits information.
  • Review and sign your licensed educator contract within 30 days of receipt.
  • After completing all items on the licensed new hire checklist, you will receive a welcome email to your personal email address that will include your PSD employee ID number and your PSD email account.


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PSD Educator Orientation  

All educators beginning employment with Poudre School District are required to attend Educator Orientation in August. This additional paid work day is provided to teachers and specialized service professionals new to the district, regardless of contract percentage or previous experience outside of PSD.

Educator Orientation Day is an opportunity for new educators to begin building relationships and learn about PSD's Standards-Based Teaching and Learning Framework, values and expectations. Details: Educator Orientation website >>

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Licensed Employee Leave Time

Full time licensed employees receive leave time each year for illness and personal reasons. 

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By law, teachers must hold a current Colorado Teaching or Special Services license on or before the first day of teaching in a classroom or working with students as a special service provider. More information about requirements, application status check, and types of Colorado teaching and special services licenses is available on the PSD Licensure web page >>  

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Mentoring Program

The PSD Mentoring Program inspires growth in new teachers and specialized service professionals, preparing them to be confident and highly effective educators.

New teachers and specialized service professionals follow one of the program’s Pathways of Excellence. The Novice and Experienced Pathway provide intentional support and learning opportunities that promote professional growth and cultivate an understanding of the Standards-Based Teaching and Learning Framework. Learn more about the Mentoring Program >> 

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K-3 Teacher Evidence-Based Reading Training Requirement

The READ Act requires that all Colorado teachers who provide literacy instruction to students in grades K-3 (including reading specialists, integrated service teachers, and ELD teachers) must earn a “Read Act Designation” by meeting specific requirements. Learn more on the PSD’s Licensure/READ Act web page >>


Additional Resources

Onboarding Videos for Licensed Staff

Teaching and Learning Framework

alt=""The Standards-Based Teaching and Learning Framework is a common set of expectations identifying the roles of students, educators, administrators, and parents/guardian. Contributions from each of these groups is integral to the framework that is designed to serve all students to help them be successful. 

The Teaching and Learning Framework is divided into five dimensions:

  • Purpose
  • Assessment for Student Learning
  • Classroom Environment and Culture
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Student Engagement

Learn more:



PSD Curriculum

To prepare students to meet the needs of the ever-changing world, rigorous coursework is available in content areas. Coursework not only addresses the standards specific to each subject area, but also looks to find connections between the subject matter. It is delivered through required courses that are diversified to meet individual students' needs, but also through elective classes that can address the interests of all participants.

For an overview of subject areas, visit the PSD Curriculum web section >> 


PEA Employee Group

alt=""The Poudre Education Association (PEA) represents teachers and other licensed staff during negotiations, as well as the employee agreement. PEA offers 24/7 advocacy and is an organization where your voice will be heard. PEA officers are elected by dues-paying members and serve two-year terms.

Visit the PEA Website




PEA services and resources:

  • Representation and advocacy for all licensed staff
  • Negotiations for salary and benefits
  • Collaboration with district administration to create the best learning conditions possible
  • Leadership and professional growth opportunities
  • Access to free and discounted legal services
  • CORE - Colorado’s Rising Educators, your early career colleagues
  • TALL Classes – Teachers as Learning Leaders, professional development by and for PSD teachers
  • Professional development tuition rebates
  • Dues discount for couples
  • $25 Annual Transfort passes


PEA president:  John Robinson |  |  970.223.7321
Office: 2625 Redwing Road, Suite 220, Fort Collins, CO 80526

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Quick Links for All New Employees

Teachers Matter! 

PSD educators say why they love teaching and working with students in this PSD TV Teachers Matter video. More personal teaching experiences on PSD TV YouTube >>

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