Family Support for Teaching and Learning Framework

The Standards-Based Teaching and Learning Framework Task Force established a teaching and learning framework that serves all students. The priority was to create a common set of expectations explicitly identifying the roles of students, educators, administrators, and parents/guardians, knowing that the contributions from each of these groups would be integral to the future success of the framework. The Teaching and Learning Framework is divided into five dimensions:

Teaching and Learning Framework Background:

  • Purpose
  • Assessment for Student Learning
  • Classroom Environment and Culture
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Student Engagement

How parents and families can support their students in each of the five dimensions is listed below.



To understand the Colorado Academic Standards and the skills and concepts students must master.

Families:  To support the dimension of Purpose...


Family and Community Guides to the Colorado Academic Standards


Assessment for Student Learning

To become aware and understand assessment strategies being used to monitor students' progress.

Families:  To support the dimension of Assessment for Student Learning...



Classroom Environment and Culture

To create a positive classroom culture for student learning.

Families:  To support the dimension of Classroom Environment and Culture...



Curriculum and Pedagogy

To have an organized plan for instruction and strategies to engage students in learning the standards.

Families:  To support the dimension of Curriculum & Pedagogy...



Student Engagement

To use strategies that will generate a high level of student interest, leading to student ownership, commitment, and learning.

Families:  To support the dimension of Student Enagement...


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