23-24 Instructional Materials Adoptions

Community Engagement

The PSD curriculum team will be hosting materials adoption community engagement sessions in January. More information to come.

9th and 10th Grade Literacy

The PSD Secondary Literacy Adoption Committee, covering the 9th and 10th grades, is embarking on an exciting journey to enhance instructional materials in line with our PSD Secondary Literacy Instructional Framework. This inclusive committee includes representatives from every secondary school in our district, experts with a focus on English Language Development (ELD) and Integrated Services, as well as a diverse group of educators, community stakeholders, and secondary students from grades 8 to 12. Notably, this is the first time in PSD history that students will actively participate in reviewing materials alongside adult committee members.

Our goal, as outlined on our adoption website, is to deepen the understanding and application of our curricular approach. We are in search of materials that not only foster genuine literacy communities and support the direct teaching of secondary literacy skills within comprehensive texts and knowledge areas but also align with the foundational principles of Scarborough’s Rope Model. Additionally, it's crucial that these materials are culturally responsive and inclusive, adhering to standards set by leading national organizations like the National Council of Teachers of English and International Reading Association. To this end, we've equipped our committee members with thorough research on adolescent literacy foundations and will continue leveraging our PSD Instructional Framework to identify resources that holistically meet the needs of our learners.

For more information, please contact Kelly Burns (kburns@psdschools.org), Secondary Literacy Facilitator.

Materials Under Consideration:

Middle School and High School History

PSD is excited to select new, high-quality instructional materials for two pivotal social studies courses this year: 8th grade US History and high school World History. These updates are not just routine; they are a response to significant changes in educational standards and legislation, aimed at providing a more inclusive and comprehensive learning experience for all PSD students.

High School World History

In high school World History, the need for updated materials is underscored by the same standards revision and crucial legislation enacted by the Colorado General Assembly. On July 8th, 2020, Governor Polis signed HB20-1336 into law, focusing on the teaching of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies. This legislation mandates the integration of Holocaust and genocide studies into existing high school courses, starting from July 1, 2023. PSD has chosen the high school World History course for this implementation. To support this, we are updating our World History materials to include these new standards, ensuring they are a key part of our selection criteria. Additionally, we are committed to ongoing professional development for our educators to effectively incorporate these standards into our curriculum.

Materials Under Consideration:

8th Grade U.S. History

For 8th grade US History, the update is aligned with the major revisions to the Colorado Academic Standards for social studies completed in November 2022. These changes introduce new content requirements, emphasizing the inclusion of perspectives and contributions from previously underrepresented and marginalized groups in historical narratives. Our goal is to provide our middle school social studies teachers with materials that not only comply with these updated standards but also resonate with our students and community.

Both these updates reflect our dedication to providing a relevant, inclusive, and engaging social studies education that prepares our students to be informed and thoughtful citizens. We look forward to the positive impact these materials will have on our students' learning experiences.

For more information, please contact Scott VanTatenhove (svantate@psdschools.org), Social Studies Facilitator.


Materials Under Consideration:

Middle School Science

This year, we are taking a significant step in our middle schools by reviewing and adopting new science teaching materials. This marks a pivotal moment as the first middle school science adoption since our transition from junior high schools to middle schools in 2009, and it represents a vital enhancement to our students' educational experience. Our aim is to provide resources that are not only text-based but also offer hands-on experiences, aligning seamlessly with the updated 2020 Colorado State Science Standards and the national Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The 2020 revision of the standards brought about meaningful changes in science education across Colorado's public schools. These changes emphasize the importance of engaging all students in Science and Engineering Practices as defined by the NGSS, promoting a hands-on learning approach. Additionally, the incorporation of Cross Cutting Concepts allows students to examine scientific content through various perspectives.

The adoption of these new materials is designed to empower PSD educators and students to delve into scientific concepts using real-world phenomena and to foster a culture of scientific thinking. This initiative is not just about meeting educational standards; it's about ensuring our students receive a comprehensive science education grounded in the latest research and methodologies. These high-quality instructional materials are geared towards preparing our students to be well-informed citizens with a strong foundation in science, ready for STEM careers.

Your support and participation in this journey are invaluable. We are enthusiastic about making this a collaborative effort that enriches our entire community, enhancing the educational landscape for our students and setting them on a path to success.

For more information, please contact Laura Grissom (lgrissom@psdschools.org), Science Studies Facilitator.

Materials Under Consideration:

Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics explores countable systems to make conclusions, decisions, or predictions. In contrast to continuous mathematics (calculus) discrete mathematics concentrates on the study of distinct objects and finite systems. Topics explored in Discrete Mathematics fall into four main categories: counting techniques  graph theory  iteration and recursion  and algorithmic problem solving and decision making.

Materials Under Consideration:

Data Analysis & Probability

Data Analysis & Probability is centered around state standards related to statistics and probability.  Data Analysis & Probability explores data by describing patterns and departures from patterns; sampling and experimentation by planning and conducting a study; probability by analyzing random phenomena using probability and simulation; and statistical inference by estimating population parameters and testing hypotheses.

More information to come. For more information, please contact Kelly Shank (kshank@psdschools.org), Mathematics Facilitator.

Materials Under Consideration:

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