Theory and Research

With a shift in standards and expectation we find it necessary to address a shift in instruction. With this in mind, the look an feel of a mathematics classroom has undergone some changes. Professor Jo Boaler and Dan Meyer are two renowned professionals in the area of mathematics instruction. The following videos explain the transformations currently taking place and the benefits that your children will reap from them.



Finding the Beauty in Math
By Holly Korbey | October 1, 2013
An explanation of the shift in instructional methodology in mathematics.

Unlocking Children's Math Potential: 5 Research Results to Transform Math Learning
By Jo Boaler
A summary of emerging topics in brain and learning research.

Why Do Americans Stink At Math?
By Elizabeth Green | July, 23, 2014
An investigation into the teaching and learning practices in America in comparison with Japan.

5 Ways To Help Your Kid Not Stink At Math
By Elizabeth Green | July 23, 2014
A follow-up to "Why Do Americans Stink At Math?" This article is devised to offer insight to what parents can do to help their children with the new math.

Why It's Important to Talk Math With Kids
By Annie Murphy Paul | March 2, 2012
This article discusses the positive implications for number talk at various ages with children.

Stop telling your kids you're bad at math. You're spreading math anxiety 'like a virus'.
By Valerie Strauss | April 2016

We wouldn't say, "I'm not a literacy person" to our children. We shouldn't say, "I'm not a math person" either.