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Programs and Services for Families with Young Children


Mission: Early Childhood Education Program LogoiWe empower our community's eligible children and families to build a foundation for learning, as measured by their readiness for kindergarten and beyond. 

Universal Preschool is coming in the fall of 2023! All Colorado children in their pre-kindergarten year will be eligible for 10 hours of free preschool per week.

 The State Universal PreK portal has opened - apply here!

UPK Help Line - Open 6a-10p - 303-866-5223




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ECE offers:

  • No-cost and tuition-based Preschool programs for children ages 3* to 5
  • Classrooms are located in 21 district elementary schools and 7 community sites
  • Highly-qualified licensed teachers who partner with families to offer the best services specific to each child.
  • Programs and learning environments that help our young children become emotionally strong, skilled and ready for kindergarten.
  • Prenatal, infant, and toddler home visiting program offering parent education and mentoring for families
  • Screenings
  • Evaluations through Integrated Services
  • Services for families expecting a child and/or with children from birth to age 3
  • Resources and community referrals


Enrollment area, cost and availability

Family must reside within PSD catchment area for preschool. Determine if you reside in PSD attendance area here.

Family must reside within Larimer County for Early Head Start. 

Many options are available to meet family schedules and needs, including:

  • Full and half-day no-cost spaces for families that meet admission criteria
  • Unlimited no-cost spaces for children who qualify for special education services
  • A limited number of half-day, four-day-per week tuition spaces

Early Head Start

Calling all families with children ages 0-3, and all pregnant women!  PSD enrolls year-round in our Early Head Start Program.  Our Early Head Start Program has many benefits for families:

  • Monthly PACTs (Parents and Children Together)
  • Family mentor that provides educational materials to parents and child at home visits 
  • Center-based and home-based options 
  • Support for growth and change
  • Learn about child development and risk factors
  • Connection to community supports

Currently slots are open for families expecting a child or whose child is not yet preschool age! Complete an Early Childhood Program Application or Prenatal Application and return it to Fullana to get the application process started.  You do not need to complete an enrollment packet for Early Head Start until you have been accepted to the program. PSDs Early Childhood Education Department keeps all information gathered for purposes of eligibility and enrollment or personally identifiable information strictly confidential. Families can rest assured that information regarding their situation is not shared outside of the ECE Department or Poudre School District unless the family gives permission.

Eligibility - Early Head Start

  • Family resides within Larimer County
  • Family with a child aged 0 -3 and pregnant women
  • Family income is within 100% of federal poverty guidelines ( Federal Income Guidelines-below) - or -
  • Family categorically qualifies with at least one of the following situations:
    • Family is homeless, doubled up due to financial hardship, or living in substandard housing
    • Family provides foster/kinship care
    • Family receives public assistance (SSI, TANF, SNAP/EBT)

Head Start

No cost federally funded grant based on family income and categorical qualifiers. 

  • Family income is within 130% of federal poverty guidelines – or -
  • Family categorically qualifies with at least one of the following situations:
    • Family is homeless, doubled up due to financial hardship, or living in substandard housing
    • Family provides foster/kinship care
    • Family receives public assistance (SSI or TANF or SNAP)
  • Children are eligible on their 3rd birthday for Early Childhood Special Education/Integrated Services and Head Start. Children who are school-aged 5 or age 5 by October 1 are not eligible for preschool services.

For more information, visit the Head Start website here

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Colorado Preschool Program (2022-2023 school year ONLY. Ends 2023-2024 school year.)

No cost state funded grant based on state eligibility factors. Not solely based on income.

Child must be age 3 or 4 by Oct 1, a 3-year-old needs three factors, a 4-year-old needs one factor:

  • Speech/language concerns or child is an English language learner
  • Frequent moves in the past 12 months (2 or more)
  • Social/emotional concerns by guardian or others
  • Alcohol or drug abuse by a family member
  • Family income is within 185% of federal poverty level or falls below the Larimer County Self-Sufficiency Standard
  • Either parent were less than 18 years old and unmarried at the time of child’s birth
  • Living situation qualifies as homeless
  • Child is in foster care or receiving services from DHS
  • Reported abuse by an adult in the home
  • Either parent has not completed high school or GED

For more information, visit the Colorado Preschool Program website here

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Preschool Special Education

  • State and Federal mandated program for 3, 4 and 5-year-olds who are eligible when they receive a diagnosis of developmental delay or other disability designation 
  • The significant delay can be in one or more areas of development such as communication, adaptive, motor, cognitive or social/emotional
  • The Child Find Specialist and/or the PSD Assessment Team will meet with parents and the child to determine eligibility
  • Children are eligible on their 3rd birthday for Early Childhood Special Education/Integrated Services

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2023-2024 tuition rates: 

  • One-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $50, is due upon placement acceptance
  • 10 hours per week- $4757.44 a year

  • 14-15 hours per week- $5944.89 a year

  • 30 hours per week - $10,511.26 a year

  • 28-30 hours per week- $4566.37 a year ( for those that qualify for another no-cost funding)

  • Children must be 3 years old by October 1 of the year of enrollment for tuition-based program.

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Universal PreK (UPK)

Families with 3 or 4-year-olds may qualify for Universal PreK funding.

Complete the information in the Universal PreK Portal 


Spaces are limited. Families must register first through the state UPK portal and through PSD's eligibility process. 

Hours and locations: 

School sites: Hours at early childhood school sites vary by location (ECE Map of Locations)

Fullana Learning Center: Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Friday; Blue locked drop-boxes are available for families to drop off paperwork when the center is closed.
Location: 220 N. Grant Ave.,
 Fort Collins, CO 80521

ECE offices follow the school district's calendar for fall, winter and spring breaks.


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