Child Find

"Child Find" Student Evaluation Process

PSD trained and certified professionals evaluate children when significant concerns are indicated for the child’s early development or educational progress. This service is referred to as "Child Find."

Evaluations address the areas of concern for each child. Evaluations are provided in several areas, including but not limited to the following:

  • early concepts (birth-5)
  • educational skills (PreK-12)
  • cognitive functioning
  • speech-language skills
  • physical development
  • social-emotional functioning
  • vision and hearing screening

Evaluations are conducted at no cost to parents, with parent consent and participation. After the evaluation is completed, a meeting is held with parents to determine eligibility for services. If a child is eligible for services, an Individual Education Plan (IEP), for k-12 students, or Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP), for birth through 3 years old, is written.


Referral to Child Find 

Birth through age 3: Early Intervention Colorado (833-733-3734),

Ages 3 through 5 (Preschool)Child Find Specialist (970-490-3040),

Kindergarten through age 21:  Parent, Family, Community Specialist (970-490-3225),


Child Find Team

  • Julie Martineau, Child Find Specialist for preschool age children
  • Stephanie Hahn, Early Childhood Disability Specialist for preschool age children
  • Heidi Graber, Family, Parent, Community Specialist for school age students 


Transdisciplinary Play-based Assessment for Preschool Age Children

  • Usually our time together lasts for an hour to an hour-and-a-half.
  • You are encouraged to make yourself at home and help your child feel comfortable with toys in the room 
  • We will discuss the options while your child plays freely
  • We will get your written permission to evaluate your child
  • You may play with your child if he/she is shy and an evaluator will fade in as comfort allows
  • You will be interviewed about your child’s skills at home
  • After we finish, we will share the skills we saw your child demonstrate
  • We can answer any additional questions you might have at the end of the session
  • We determine if your child is eligible for early intervention supports or special education services in the school setting
  • If your child is under age 3 and is eligible for early intervention support, then an Individual Family Service Plan will be created at another meeting with in-home providers
  • If your child is age 3 or older and is eligible, we will set up a meeting to develop your child’s Individual Education Plan for preschool services


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