Stock Medications

Narcan and Epinephrine 

PSD has stock Narcan (naloxone) nasal spray, Epi Pen Jr., and Epi Pen (epinephrine) in every health office in the district (based on CO STAT 1 CCR 301-68). 


Guidelines for Stock Medications


Epi pen injection drawing


Epinephrine is for undiagnosed individuals (adults or children on school grounds) with a sudden, unexpected allergic reaction. Each health office has two doses with each box kept in the emergency medication cabinet. 

If your student has a diagnosed allergy and may need an epinephrine injection, please work with your medical provider and school nurse to obtain the necessary orders and HCAP as well as providing the emergency epinephrine as soon as possible to the health office. HCAP - Allergies and Asthma >>



A Narcan nasal spray drawing


Opiate antagonists Narcan (naloxone) assists individuals at risk of experiencing an opiate-related overdose event on school grounds. Two doses are available in every health room with additional doses available at middle and high schools.



  • When an emergency stock medication is used, it occurs concurrently with a 911 call as both anaphylaxis and opiate overdose are life-threatening conditions.
  • Use of stock medications must be reported to the health services coordinator for replacement and state reporting requirements.

Contact Information

Health Services Coordinator
Kim Lowe | | 970.490.3388

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