Live Bus Updates

Here Comes the Bus App gives real-time location

The "Here Comes the Bus" app helps parents know where their child's bus is. Here Comes the Bus, which provides the real-time location of each bus, can be accessed through desktop or mobile devices. The information is secure, provided to parents through a private ID that grants access to only their child's bus information. Full-access subscriptions are free to PSD parents. 

The app is available in the Apple iTunes Store or Google PlayTo create an accountuse the PSD school code 75840.

The app is designed to increase convenience for parents during hectic mornings and provide another layer of safety for students. Schedule changes and bus delays due to traffic or weather are easy to find, and users can choose to receive push notifications when the bus is within five minutes of their stop.

Here's a brief video, from PSD TV, showing how the app works:

"The best part is that we're able to increase student safety using this app," Milly Smelker, Transportation Dispatcher said. "Now parents can monitor their student's progression to and from school in real time."