Student Athletic Placement

Students who are not students at a PSD middle school or high school but wish to participate in extracurricular or interscholastic activities at a PSD school must be officially placed by the PSD Athletic office.

 PSD placement guidelines will be referred to when determining placement for a student. 

What are the steps of the placement process?

  1. Contact the District Athletic Office at 970-490-3332 and complete a placement questionnaire.
  2. Provide requested proof of residency documents.
  3. Receive placement from District Athletic Office.
  4. Report to school of placement for check-out process, information.

What students need to be placed?  Home school students, students who attend private schools or charter schools that do not offer a specific program that a student wishes to participate in.

Can students or parents choose the school or program that they want to participate in?  No. Students are placed by using the PSD placement guidelines.

If I attend a private school that offers basketball, but I want my child to participate in a more competitive league or program may I request to be placed?  No. If the school of attendance offers a program, the student must participate in their home school program.

What students do not need to be placed?  Students who attend the school where they wish to participate.