Behavior Support Services

Behavior Support Services assists students who are demonstrating challenging behavior and who have not responded to other interventions. PSD Behavior Specialists collaborate with staff, family members and other district services to support and best meet the unique needs of these students. Support services include student evaluation; review of the student's current plan, along with new plan development and implementation; and staff training. The goal is to develop a feasible, effective and efficient plan for the student, family and staff to implement and then be monitored as needed.

Note: Students must be referred to receive behavior support services. Click here for the "Request for Individual Student Behavior Support" form.

Behavior support for a student often includes:

  • Notifying the assigned district MTSS (Multi-tiered Systems of Support) facilitator and mental health specialist
  • Meeting with the student's team leader or contact to review data and gather information
  • Observation
  • Collaborating with the student's team to adjust goals and plan
  • Intervention strategies
  • Supporting staff and family with plan implementation and then monitoring as needed

Contact Information

Behavior Specialist
Jill Cottingham | 970.286.1257 |