Curriculum and Instruction

Poudre School District
2407 LaPorte Avenue, Johannsen Support Services Center
Fort Collins, CO 80521
Primary Contact:
Robert Beauchamp
Primary Fax:
Primary Email:

Key Contacts

Title Point of Contact Phone Email
Office Manager Mary Dougal 490-3664
Assessment Coordinator Susan Thomas 490-3124
Assessment and Data Technician Krystina O'Neal 490-3217
Art Facilitator Laura Cronen 490-3671
Physical Education Facilitator Kelsey Bailey 490-3670
Music Facilitator Melissa Flail 490-3484
World Language Facilitator Beth Brown 490-3691
Department Secretary, Language Arts/Science Connie Klibbe 490-3651
Elementary Literacy Facilitator Alicia Macica 490-3674
Literacy Facilitator Kelly Burns 490-3648
Science Facilitator Dee Dee Wright 490-3105
Department Secretary Gifted and Talented/Career Education Nicole Jensen 490-3131
Gifted and Talented Facilitator Caitlin Sahimi 490-3076
Career Education Facilitator Kathy Hanson 490-3652
Department Secretary Mathematics/Social Studies Jaclyn Walsh 490-3273
Mathematics Facilitator Kelly Shank 490-3024
Mathematics Facilitator Megan Korponic 490-3483
Social Studies Facilitator Scott VanTatenhove 490-3668