Licensure requirements, application or status check

By law, teachers must hold a current Colorado Teaching or Special Services license on or before the first day of teaching in a classroom or working with students as a special service provider. 

  • Check the status of your Colorado Teaching, Special Services, Administrative Licensure Authorization on line. For license information, visit the CDE website and select "Search for Public Educator License/Authorization and Application Status" under links.

  • To apply for a your Colorado Teaching or Special Services license or for license, visit the CDE website licensure web pages.

  • All applications for licensing are now on-line to download. The Educator Licensing Applications Wizard guides in locating the application(s) appropriate to situations. If you have questions, call the CDE at (303) 866-6628.

  • You may also need to take a Colorado state-approved content exam. This will be determined by the type of license issued to you by the Colorado Department  of Education. For up-to-date information on content exams, visit the CDE Content Exam website.

  • For COVID-19 related licensure concerns. Please visit the CDE website.


Types of Colorado teaching and special services licenses 

  1. Initial Teaching License: Issued to those who are a new Colorado graduate who has passed the state approved content exam (PLACE exam or PRAXIS II exam). It is valid for three years. For information, visit the CDE Content Exam website.

  2. Interim Authorization: Issued to an out-of-state applicant (teacher, principal, and administrator) who does not have 3 years of full-time out-of-state K-12 work experience and has not passed the required Colorado content area exam. The Interim Authorization is issued for one year and is renewable once. For information on the PLACE and PRAXIS exams, visit the CDE Content Exam website.

  3. Professional Teaching License: Issued to an initial license holder who has completed an approved induction program, is valid for five years and is renewable through documentation of either six semester hours of credit or 90 clock hours of activities or a combination thereof. Professional licenses are also issued to out-of- state educators who can demonstrate three or more years of continuous, successful evaluated teaching experience.

  4. Alternative Teacher License:  Issued to an individual who has earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and possesses subject matter knowledge appropriate for teaching in public schools; agrees to participate in an on-the-job, one-year, alternative teacher preparation program; is valid for one year and is not renewable. Visit TEACH Colorado for more info.

  5. Type III Emergency Authorization: Requested by a District when a licensed person with appropriate endorsements cannot be found. The license is issued to the individual, but is specific to the district, it is valid for one school year only, and is renewable only once at the requesting district's discretion.

  6. Temporary Teaching Endorsement (TTE): Allows a special services provider a three year opportunity to add an additional endorsement to an existing license.  The TTE holder usually agrees to complete 9  credit hours per year. A TTE cannot stand alone; it must "lie" on top of one of the licenses described  above.


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