About EAS Services


Counseling services

Poudre School District offers all employees and their dependent household family members Employee Assistance Services (EAS) to help cope with the demands and stresses of life. The staff at EAS are available to assist with problem-solving strategies and mental health counseling services to help employees solve personal issues and move forward in a positive, healthy manner.

  • You do not need to have PSD health insurance to use EAS
  • EAS counseling services are FREE to you or your dependent family members
  • EAS counseling services are always voluntary and confidential.


Treatment planning and referrals

EAS administers the mental/behavioral health and substance abuse benefit plan. For those individuals who have health insurance benefits through PSD, EAS  provides assessment, treatment planning, care coordination, and referrals to EAS network providers.  EAS cannot provide a referral without an intake and assessment appointment with an EAS counselor first.  Please contact EAS to set up an appointment for these services.


Mental health/substance abuse leave of absence/short term disability

For those seeking a mental health/substance abuse leave of absence and/or mental health short term disability, please contact EAS and request assistance with this process.  EAS can assist you in navigating the systems while also protecting your medical privacy throughout the process. 

Contact Information

EAS phone: 970.488-4925 | Fax: 970.488.4933 | eas@psdschools.org