Superintendent's Cabinet

Poudre School District Organization 

The PSD Board of Education oversees the Superintendent (currently Dr. Todd Lambert, PSD interim superintendent).

The Superintendent's Cabinet meets weekly and is made up of district leadership staff who advise the superintendent, including:

  • Legal and Policy Counsel (Autumn Aspen)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools (Dr. Traci Gile)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools (Scott Nielsen)
  • Human Resources Executive Director (Vicki Thompson)
  • Finance Executive Director (Dave Montoya)
  • Operations Executive Director (Matt Bryant)
  • Information Technology Executive Director (Dustin Reintsma)
  • Strategic Initiatives Manager (Lauren Hooten)
  • Communications Executive Director (Madeline Noblett) 

Contact Information

Elementary Schools, Assistant Superintendent
Provides leadership and support for elementary school principals

Traci Gile  | 


Secondary Schools, Assistant Superintendent
Provides leadership and support for middle and high school principals

Scott Nielsen | 970.490.3011 | 

Human Resources, Executive Director
Oversees employment of licensed teachers, classified staff and administrators, as well as benefits

Vicki Thompson | 970.490.3620 | 

Finance, Executive Director 
Oversees the district budget while planning for the future and maintaining fiscal transparency

Dave Montoya | 970.490.3355 |

Information Technology, Executive Director
Manages IT applications, infrastructure and technical support services

Dustin Reintsma | 970.490.3180 |

Operations, Executive Director
Manages facilities - building maintenance, construction, sustainability, utilities, custodial, outside services

Matt Bryant | 970.490.3527 |

Legal and Policy Counsel 
Attorney for the district managing legal work and policies

Autumn Aspen | 970.490.3133 |

Strategic Initiatives Manager
Lauren Hooten | 970.490.3009 |


Communications, Executive Director 
Madeline Noblett | 970.490.3427 |